Another Testimony Of Christ

I Stand at the Door and Knock

I asked this gentleman to share his testimony of Christ with the Unblog.


I would like to send a note to those who have been searching the scriptures diligently, who know something about the goodness of God and His promises. The Holy Spirit has taught you many things. Among them is a sense of awe and delight in the unity of all scripture, and that which is by the Holy Ghost; including visions among the meek. You realize the words of the Lord through His prophets are priceless and will be fulfilled. You do not slay the ancient prophets in spirit, but revisit them continually and ponder hidden treasures now brought to light. These you combine with the perfection that is found in the Book of Mormon and latter-day scripture unto expanding faith and gifted service.


The Word of the Lord becomes a Liahona for you who are willing to exercise faith in the mercy and merit of Jesus Christ, thought by thought and day by day. Those who have been brought to feast upon the Word delight in the many testimonies of Him. You are being brought to trust in the Holy Spirit, who is willing to direct and accompany your rejoicing responsiveness. You have also discovered the chastening of the Lord: more precious than all treasure in Egypt. You have grown to appreciate the Fall, the natural mind; and the diligence of the many who are against you; which you are willing to put off to become as a little child in heart. You endure many “persecutions” which do not seem to be so by most; for it is a great sorrow to you when our Redeemer is held in light-esteem by so many. You seek not for your own righteousness, but for the righteousness of God and his glory alone.


As your heart becomes more and more tender and filled with joy, your own desire grows to repent deeply and quickly. You have discovered with Alma that repentance is a gift (13:30). You love equality and look forward to a similar day as described in Alma 16-17. You are drawn to honesty, knowing He is a God of truth and cannot lie. So you are growing cautious never to exaggerate or to boast of your own goodness; for you have learned how that every good thing comes through Christ, every gift of righteousness; for He is the “living fountain of all righteousness.” You see how that the “preparatory” things “look to Christ; and that the “greater things” are the very living Christ revealed in the meek who quietly love Him with all their hearts. The holiest reality is Jesus himself; as He works for the benefit of mankind; and reveals him according to the faith expressed in Nephi 4.


The Church is true because it is Christ himself, and His own. These wax stronger and stronger in humility; and take upon them His name as His bride (even His merit and deserving before the Father). These receive the Holy Spirit; and live according to endowments of repentance, His covenants, gifted obedience (responsiveness), hope and His charity. The Church is not bricks and pews, programs and lessons, books and magazines, websites and inspiring conferences alone. These are instruments He uses well. The Truth is the actual Christ and His living water unto those who believe as He intends; which He pours forth from His own heart among those who search and find Him. To these, His gifts are free and freely offered. He is always near at hand. And because you understand this deeply, and hold it in your heart as a treasure; that Jesus purchased you and is your Good Shepherd; all that is expedient will be revealed in time (including every healing and strength), that you may accomplish His commands and understand His purposes. So be both patient and diligent. Be found loving the truth: searching, applying and marking His Word.


If an honest heart is presented, be a willing instrument in the Lord’s hands to look unto Christ with him or her. Never do your own will (unless it be His); or seek your own glory, but His alone (along with Ammon in Alma 26:12). I would include the many verses which speak of these things, but you already know them. Search them out again and be refreshed. Add to them your own testimonies in the Spirit; and may Helaman 3:35 be your experience as well. And so, let every tribulation be swallowed up in the joy of Christ. The Lord is doing His own work, and will include you if you are brought to rely wholly and alone upon Him. (2Ne.31:19-20). He is that stone cut out of the mountain without human hands (for He did the work they brought forth). It is rolling forth to both consume and raise up nations unto Zion as He makes bare His salvation. May these things be received in His name with rejoicing, Amen.

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