Thoughts And Thanks From Terri Pontius

Beautiful Sunrise

Dear Unblog Family,

I am sorry I have been so silent during these last few months since John’s passing. It has been a difficult time, as you can imagine, but the Lord has truly poured His blessings out upon us, and we are emerging from the grief now a little more every day. But, oh what miracles we have seen! This I can tell you: John is truly filled with Power in his new assignment! I have personally been blessed by him, physically as well as spiritually. He has also ministered to our children, with some manifestations that we shouldn’t have been surprised to receive – but somehow we were.


I just wanted to let you know that you remain a beautiful part of our lives. Thank you for the love that we feel daily from you sweet people. We profoundly sense your prayers, and we glory in your goodness. Thank you for being pilgrims with us on this journey to Zion, and for influencing your families, your wards and stakes, and your world in this marvelous quest. I truly can feel a wave of excitement growing as more and more Saints understand and embrace their role in the glorious future that lies ahead. There is hardly a day goes by that I don’t get positive feedback from someone whose life has been touched for good by the truth of Zion. How excited they are to be on that path!


I also want you to know that I am starting to compile a book of John’s selected Unblogs. The publisher is excited to get his hands on it ASAP, and I totally have to reorder my life in order to spend the time necessary to get this finished quickly. This project is, I am finding out, a massive job, although it is technically already written by John!


The concept for the Unblog book is to tell the story of a writer who has been told he will die soon of cancer. He decides to casually write down some of his vast experiences and spiritual perspective for his family — “un-blog my soul” he calls it. After a while more and more people follow his blogs, and soon the Unblog Family renews his joy in Christ, even as his health declines. The book will include selected blogs in chronological order, and will alternate between personal stories and more doctrinal blogs, punctuated with those one-liner blogs that tell his health story. I will heavily cross-reference and index the book, so that although the topics will appear randomly placed (in the order John wrote them), the reader can easily discover topics of interest through the index.


I was editing some of John’s posts today, and I cried, they were so compelling. I truly think it could be a wonderful book. I would greatly appreciate all of your feedback as to the posts you would most like in there! It’s going to be hard to decide what to weed out! (I am depending on John to assist me every step of the way . . . and so far he’s accommodated that need.)


I truly love you guys, and just wish I could personally thank each and every one of you for your prayers and the sweet sentiments you have conveyed to our family. I also want to thank Shayne, Chris and Spencer, from the bottom of my heart, as well as the other awesome contributors to the Unblog, for your diligence in keeping this work alive for all of us. We truly are FAMILY, aren’t we! Praise the Lord . . . for all the glory goes to Him.

Your Sister in Christ,
Terri Pontius

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1 Response to Thoughts And Thanks From Terri Pontius

  1. Kerri says:

    I want to thank you from my heart. I am reading Journey To The Veil right now.
    Since returning to the church about 3 1/2 years ago, I have had some miraculous spiritual experiences. I have described many of them to what was a dear friend, but I either got jealous responses, or marveling responses. I ha no one that would openly love what I have experienced…until I opened this book. I immediately read where your husband says he isn’t bragging, and surely he is the least of any (something to that affect). I immediately KNEW that I had found a person who knew what I know, and felt what I have been feeling. All the wonders of a magnificent loving Heavenly Father, and mysteries of God unfolding!! 🙂 I can not describe how happy I am at this moment! Want to jump up and down for joy like a child!
    I have often said, “I am not special”, or more special than anyone else…all I know I’m having miraculous manifestations made to me from The Lord. I have also said, and even asked my Bishop….how…how can I share what has happened to me with others to help them too? I feel my experiences are to be shared. They are certainly faith building, and have left me with a certain knowledge that God is…and I am on the right track. That the church is true. That the endowment is true. That prayer is truly communicating with The Lord, and that he hears my prayers, and answers them….even me…the little woman living in the ghetto. I am certainly monetarily poor, but I am wealthy beyond what I could ever have imagined in what The Lord has shown me, and given me.
    Thank You for putting your husband’s writings together in this book. You have truly shown me just how I may let others know what I have been shown, and another possible way to share with others. In compiling a book. That I too may help build another’s faith by sharing with tj my unwavering testimony of this church, and The Lord. This World can take many things from a person…but it can never take from me what The Lord has placed within me, or the knowledge I now have. I truly heard angels sing from the ceiling in the endowment coridoor after my own endowment session as I walked toward the Celestial Room. A burst of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard in my life. What an amazing day for me. Truly, the angels rejoice at the return of even 1 sinner. Little Me. I had no idea until 6 months after that no one else had heard them…that, no, it isn’t a button temple workers push to play the most beautiful angelic voices I have ever heardin that room with me! Who was I to ever think I would hear angels sing? I am no one special, and I am certainly not more special than anyone else…and still am not. What a wonderful manifestation of the truthfulness of the endowment I received….I truly heard the angels sing. I am also so humbled. I am humbled when I think of how The Lord allowed me to hear angels sing that day just over 2 years ago. Oh, how I love The Lord. I am eternally grateful to him for saving me from hell, holding my hand as I have begun my journey back to activity in the church, and began going in the right direction to stand in his presence someday. I have seen the dark cloudy sky fly backwards jn speeds that seemed unreal to reveal a beautiful blue sky as I looked up to the sky while I was repenting to a person I had wronged some 20 years ago via telephone. As long as we are still here, it is never to late to repent…that is what I tell people now. afterall, I surely know. Manifestation that repentance is a true principal, and that I was on the right path. What a humbling experience. Truly amazing for me…just little me.
    Thank you or putting this book together. You have given me courage to share what I know to be true. You have givens courage to share even though some have attempted to belittle me, been jealous of me, and even attempted to destroy me so as to make my words meaningless, or unbelievable. How could I have been lying? I truly did not know scripture even. I hadn’t been to church since I was 12, am only remembered a primary song “I Am A Child Of God”. I returned with full intention just over 3 years ago. I didn’t even know doctrine really…and im still extremely new at it. I didn’t have any coaching. Nothing. I only knew what I had seen or heard. I know that’s experiences are meant to be shared. I know it. Despite the opposition, I WILL share what I know to be the truth. I also know that The Lord knows me, and he knew I would tell. 🙂
    I also feel that is exactly why some of us are shown certain things.
    May The Lord bless you as a Sister in Zion, and may your husband smile at all the good this book is doing for us all. You both have given me the courage I needed so badly, and to let me know that it is alright to share. I prayed so hard for an answer to if I was doing things correctly in sharing, or not. I would never wan ro offemd the Lord in sharing things i shouldnt.
    At the bookstore the other day, this was the only LDS book on the shelf amongst many non-denominational books. I wasn’t even there for an LDS book. I was there for a totally different kind of book. I believe I was devinely steered towards exactly what I needed. God doesn’t make mistakes, and I had asked him to guide my feet, and my hands in all I needed. He certainly delivered….just like He always does. 😉
    Thank You!!


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