Spencer Comments On The Timing Of The Last Days




Spencer is answering a question about end times and when it is going to happen.

Our personal journey of coming unto Christ is to often lost in our personal worrying about the timeline of Christ’s second coming to the world. Our coming unto Christ is much more a process of the heart than it is a process of the clock or calendar.

When we get our hearts right with the Lord, truly right, our minds and hearts will then begin to be changed so that when the end times come upon us we will have no fear and no doubt. We will see things differently. We will think differently. Our hearts will truly become like His heart and our mind will truly become like His mind. We will see as He sees and will know as He knows. We will see others hearts more clearly and feel their pain, joy and burdens more intensely. This is part of the fellowship of His suffering. This process prepares us to be translated.

As explained in Visions of Glory, to fully understand and see as He does and to share in His work, some of those who lived in Zion were assigned to minister to specific individuals throughout the world. To fulfill this assignment, we had to learn all about the person we were assigned and what their circumstances and concerns were before we could go through the Portal to minister to them. Only when we understood them completely were we allowed to go unto them and do His work through Him. This is the Zion standard as exemplified by the life and ministry of Christ.

Are we ready to live this Zion standard and prepare for the coming of the Savior in our hearts and minds? As we seek to bless and minister and do His will and sacrifice for others until it fills us to overflowing: At that point He will come to us and bless us. That coming of the Savior is the one we should be seeking with all heart and mind. We are charged to prepare ourselves so that it may come to pass in His due time and place. This is the correct answer to the question you posed to me earlier.


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2 Responses to Spencer Comments On The Timing Of The Last Days

  1. Maureen says:

    Can’t tell you how much your book has meant to me. The Spirit burned in my heart as I read page after page. So many of the things you learned through near death experiences, I have learned in my life through promptings from the Holy Ghost.
    Thank you for your courage in sharing these things.


  2. lorrie71 says:

    You are so very welcome, I’m glad it helped you. I learn so much from those who post that I was hesitant to do so, feeling so inadequate, but I feel like we all have a little something sweet to offer every now and then. Warmest wishes, Lorrie Lou


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