One In Heart

Birth of Christ 1

John wrote this post in Jan of 2012, It struck a chord with me because our relationship with each other was built the same way. The love of our Savior, Jesus Christ unites all of us around the world, allowing us to bless others and  work miracles in His name. As we bless others we become like Him, and we  feel the fire of faith burn in us for ever more.


Last Sunday I had the privilege of meeting with two faithful brethren for a few wonderful hours. We had never met. Our lives had evolved thousands of miles and many cultural compass points apart. Yet, when I met them I felt an instant brotherhood, not just because we were all faithful members of the latter-day kingdom, but because they thought and believed and hoped and envisioned in exactly the same way that I did. I don’t mean we were similar, or that we were compatible, I mean that their thought process, and what they had come to believe and to hope and to desire was identical in every respect.

As my wife and I were driving away I thought out loud, “I wonder if we were Baptists, or Buddhists, or whatever, and we had met for the first time some sixty years into our spiritual journey, if we would not have had some common beliefs, and many points to resolve through debate and ultimately, by agreeing to disagree.”

Add to this picture that we were not discussing common tenets of our faith. We were discussing things that one must learn by intense study, but centuries of walking in the Spirit, and by direct revelation. Even when these things have been published in some inspired tome, one can only “believe” and “hope” and live these principles when the Holy Spirit infuses them by the power of God into one’s soul.

These two faithful souls had walked the same walk I had, had acquired the same faith, and had been infused with the same light, because we have the same Savior, and His truth is one, not many. And because we had been blessed to learn how to acquire truth directly from the heavens, in a way that is both marvels and miraculous, we had become one in heart.

I thought it was an evidence of several things. Not the least was of these was that what we had acquired was true. It was true because no three people on earth can have the exact same understanding about any obscure principle unless they somehow tap into the same source of information. We all do math in base 10 because we have all been taught this by a common education system. If every person alive had to invent math independently, without speaking to any other person, there would be 6 billion different understandings and degrees of math sophistication on this world. Yet, those things we were dicsussing have far less physical and scientifically testable properties than math, and still we had arrived at a unity of the faith.

As an LDS author and speaker I am exposed to more people’s opinions than a normal mortal. People almost always choose to tell me their opinions and why they believe them. This often happens in a setting where the Holy Spirit is present (praise the Lord). What almost universally happens is that the Holy Spirit will put simple words in my mouth, and miracles happen in people’s hearts. They hear in a way that uplifts and embeds new light into their souls. They rarely debate, and rarely disagree, they just rejoice – not because I did anything special – but because in that tiny slice of eternity, and in that one thing, we become one with Christ.

In time, through time, through many such blessed miracles of light, we will, if we allow ourselves, become One in heart with He whose truths these are.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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10 Responses to One In Heart

  1. BC says:

    Dear Shayne and Spencer,
    Would you please consider a blog article on “Spiritual Gifts”, abilities/powers at each level of spiritual development for some of the gifts, and best way to gain and develop them. This, of course, according to your timing and wisdom. Thank you for answering other questions, so appreciated.


  2. It’s wonderful to connect with people on a spiritual level, even though we may be different culturally. I love the part where John gives credit to the Holy Spirit when words are given to him and miracles happen in people’s hearts. It’s a good reminder to have confidence in the Holy Spirit and allow these miracles to happen in our lives and conversations.


  3. Diana says:

    Thank you, I’ve had experiences like these and my heart rejoyces when I come in contact with people who speak the same spiritual language as me. It strengthens my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It charges my spiritual batteries for lack of words and boost me to keep pressing forward on the right path, the straight and narrow. I love to come in contact with people who have had experiences with the spirit of God and shared how wonderful it is to feel His love. I love this gospel.


  4. Ken says:

    I’m 47 years old and have been struggling in the past 3 years with personal, business, and family challenges more than I ever have in my entire life. I have been pleading with the Lord for guidance and understanding for what has seemed like an eternity and last weekend I discovered and read “Visions of Glory” and am now over half way through “Following the Light”. I have read many other inspiring and enlightening books by various LDS authors which have taught me many plain and precious truths that have helped me in my journey, but these last few days, reading and pondering these books by John, have brought so many things into crystal clear focus for me and have given me hope and joy beyond what I can express here.

    Thank you for continuing to share his posts. I am sorry for the loss to your family. Without question John is still actively engaged in the Lord’s work and I pray that his work on this side of the veil may continue to bless the lives of others as it has mine.


  5. BC says:

    Shayne, this is a question, not necessarily meant for posting- a personal inquiry. This blog touched something in my heart and mind because I have been deeply pondering about the power that might be generated through being connected with others in the same pursuit since I am alone in this journey. The thought came to me again that I may be lacking in an important element when you stated you had that kind of relationship with your friend John. Could the journey to the “Saviour parting the Veil” be faster if there is connectedness and communication between two or three (or more) persons with the same goals?

    I know that the being with others in the Unblog Reunion last year gave me a strong infusion of Spirit and gave me a boost to achieve goals beyond what I already had in my journey. Did your communication/connection with similarly-minded souls, those you love and loved you, advance you faster in that journey? I am sure it is not a requirement to have others walking through the journey with you because the ultimate experience at the Veil is singular and, of course, John said every journey varies according to the Lord’s will. However, did it greatly help you? Is it something you would advise seeking through prayer? Is there power in this?


  6. Lexee says:

    I find when persons of a different Christian faith have an argument with my faith, bringing up Christ, can make us feel united with those who are faithful, but have not yet found the complete truth. We open ourselves to more learning and understanding, as well as opportunities to teach.


  7. Tim Grossnickle says:

    Thankyou, Shane. I am reminded of beautiful verses in Mosiah 18:21,29-30. Tim


  8. scootd28 says:

    Thank you so much for continuing to share these, Shayne. John’s visions of Zion and how to become a Zion person have changed my life, and I am doing my best to share the message, that others can share the same joy.


  9. Michael says:

    I have found likewise. When we speak the words of Christ, as given to us, for we have asked for them that we might speak them, rarely, rarely does anyone disagree or comment, and if they do comment it is parallel congruent comment. I believe the Spirit confirms the truth to them and thus it is so…


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