Dear UnBlog Family,

Well, I awoke today tingling with excitement . . . because today is a momentous one!  John’s new book, “Journey to the Veil” is finally now available to the world.

I am humbled that these selected blogs, which have previously been available to just a few, can now come out of obscurity to bless the lives of many, many people.  I just wish I could have included all of John’s blogs, and your wonderful and insightful commentary as well.  In this book, I have chosen to highlight especially those writings that explain John’s unique understanding of the grace and empowerment of Jesus Christ in our everyday lives.  And oh John’s stories . . . they are absolutely riveting!

During the past several months, I have been wrestling with what to do with John’s UnBlog—which was so precious to him. I feel that the time is now right for the UnBlog format to be changed.  I am keeping everything intact here as it is presently configured, as a resource for folks who want to read material not included in “Journey to the Veil.”  (Others of John’s writings and commentaries can also be found on  However, we will not be formally posting on the UnBlog, at least routinely.  Please feel free anytime to comment to me, though, and we can communicate in that way.  I would love to hear from you!

For those of you who would like to participate in an active blog with commentary, there are doubtless some good ones to choose from.  One blog you may want to check out is found at .  If anyone has other good suggestions, please post them as commentary here.

I deeply love and appreciate all of you so much, and thank you for the joy and sweet support you have been to John, and to us all through this UnBlog experience.  I also truly appreciate the tremendous efforts, spiritual wisdom and blessing that Shayne, “Spencer”, Eric, and many others have contributed since John’s passing.

The glorious work of truth still moves onward and upward!  These are incredibly important times as we share truth, strengthen our testimonies of Christ and His gospel, and support one another in moving from this telestial to the higher terrestrial state that we will soon call “Home.”

As John would say, “Hurrah for Israel!”

— Terri Pontius

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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  1. Bryce says:

    I was wondering if Following the Light of Christ into his presence or Triumph of zion had been translated into Portuguese yet?


  2. Kathy says:

    I read the book. Simply stupendous deeply spiritual. It’s on my Christmas list to my family.


  3. Danielo18mx says:

    I’d like to translate “Visions of Glory” to Spanish. Do you guys anyone that would be interested in acquiring this transltation? I strongly feel that this would bless many more families.

    -Danny R.


    • shayne777 says:

      It is in the process of being translated!


    • Dear Danielo18mx,

      Shayne is right . . . “Visions” is currently being translated into Spanish, as well as Portuguese. I am humbled that it will be soon available to these folks as well! (I believe it takes close to six months to get the translation completed and published, and that process was just begun in November.) So–thank you for your suggestion . . . see–you were inspired!


  4. Celeste Tipiani says:

    I just barely finished reading “Visions of Glory” and it is definitely an amazing story about Spencer’s NDE experience. I was going to tell John that he wrote a wonderful story about that man, but then I saw that he had passed away a year ago. I am so sorry for your loss. He sure had a great talent in writing this book for Spencer and able to fill it in the way he knew how whereas Spencer still was trying to figure out the meaning of things. It was a great book and probably one of the best NDE books I have ever read.


    • Dear Celeste,

      I do agree with you that “Visions of Glory” is quite amazing. It was written under inspiration and with a great deal of help from above, in order for John to be able to tell Spencer’s story well. John and Spencer both worked very hard, and felt the Lord’s help every step of the way. Accordingly, the folks reading it need to seek the Spirit to determine what impact and good it can have in their own personal lives. I am so happy that you have received good from this book; this was the sole desire of both John and of Spencer!

      John’s last book, “Journey to the Veil” is really a “how-to” book for “Visions of Glory.” It also includes a lot of stories from John’s life, which are particularly inspirational. I think you would like it.

      Thank you for writing!


  5. Jennifer says:

    Thank you Terri for compiling John’s latest book, “Journey to the Veil”. I had pre-ordered it when I heard about it and it arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I’m already half way through reading it and loving it! I feel like John left me little breadcrumbs throughout the book. This morning, while reading, I had another “aha” moment as I clearly understood his deeper meaning in one of his posts (this happens often when I read his posts/books). I just discovered John’s books last year and have read them. I must say that I discovered them quite by accident but they have been an answer to my prayers in so many ways. As I read each book I feel as though John is speaking directly to me, and he has helped guide me in many ways, and provided deep insight into many of my own questions. He is absolutely right about the possibilities that are open to each one of us while here in mortality. It is so refreshing to know that I am not alone in these discoveries. Thank you so much for taking the time to put together this last book.


    • Dear Jennifer,

      I am slow in replying to your sweet comment. I do apologize . . . it’s been a very busy time with family and I’ve been out of town.

      I just want to tell you how much it truly means to me that you have enjoyed “Journey to the Veil.” It really does make all the work worthwhile, and that is saying something. (John always told me that publishing a book is not for the faint of heart, and oh boy, he was right–as usual!)

      And no, you are definitely not alone in discovering the possibilities that are right on your doorstep in this life. John and I have long been amazed and humbled at the thousands of friends we have met, who are all wanting to tread this same elevated path. The gospel is rich with promises, all of which will be fulfilled as fast as we have the faith, patience, and consecrated lives to uncover them in the Lord’s time.

      It is a joy reading your kind comments, Jennifer. God bless you.


  6. Kathy Pitochelli says:

    I totally agree with FJC and Carol. God Bless you all for uplifting so many.


  7. bcoulam says:


    I was going through my UnBlog feed and catching up on posts I’d missed this year and felt I needed to forward the post “Living Faith in Christ” from July 7th of this year to my sister. When I followed the link in the feed, the post no longer exists. Trying to search on UnBlog yielded no fruit as well. Was the post removed because it was put in the book, or am I missing something?


    • Dear bcoulam,

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply . . . I’ve been out of town with family and not been keeping up with the UnBlog. As to your question, I am sorry, but the post “Living Faith in Christ” had to be taken off the UnBlog, because it was used in “Journey to the Veil.” That and every post used in the book are now owned by CFI (the publisher). But of course you can buy “Journey to the Veil” and it will be there. Sorry for this inconvenience–but I am delighted that you have enjoyed these posts as much as I have!


  8. Becky says:

    How can I order a book. Amazon is saying they are out of stock. I didn’t have the funds to reserve a book for myself a month ago. Now I have the funds, and it appears …….*sigh*. Is it possible to get a e-book copy?


    • Becky, the books should be back in stock now. I am sorry that Amazon was sold out for about week; it surprised us all! “Journey to the Veil” is also available on Kindle, which is about half as expensive. Hope you can get one soon!


  9. Gaynor says:

    Just bought Johns book Journey to the veil, can’t put it down. I read visions of glory, lent it to a friend and she bought 5 for her family, thank you so much. As I was reading Some of Johns experiences in South Africa I had to smile, I am originally from South Africa, left about a year before John arrived. Terri thank you so so much for having his new book published.


    • Gaynor, I am sooo happy that you liked “Journey to the Veil!” I haven’t received a ton of new feedback about it, although the first 4,000 copies have already been sold, so that is a good sign. Thank you for your kind remarks . . . it makes all the work worthwhile! And I’m curious: As someone from South Africa, do you have the same “take” on the people that John did? He said they were stubborn, but oh, did he ever love them!


  10. Regina says:

    I preordered John’s new book and received an email from Amazon – it’s on its way. I’m so excited to read it.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful information, inspiriation and insight with us.

    Regina 🙂


    • Regina, I am sure you received your copy of “Journey to the Veil” by now. I really hope it is blessing your life! By the way, if you could post any positive comments to Amazon, that would be greatly appreciated. At present there are only 2 comments posted. Thank you for your kindness. –Terri


  11. Carol says:

    Thank you for leaving the content of John’s blog here for us to read, as well as the book! I am currently re-reading them for the 2nd time. Since I have never had the pleasure of meeting John in this life, it seems as those he is not really gone to the other side. Still teaching, still testifying in his giving the glory to Father and His Holy Son way. We have so much to learn, and I am grateful for our special “teachers” such as your husband. Thank you all! Thank you “Spencer”, and all of you participants in this journey. We have been very blessed to have had this learning and sharing experience! I am grateful and hope to help others as well.


    • tjpontius says:

      Dear Carol and John,

      Thank you for your gracious remarks. I am thrilled and humbled that you have been blessed through the UnBlog. John had sooo much fun and true spiritual delight in writing it! You all were the highlight of his last years.

      You can certainly communicate with me at any time through the UnBlog. I hope you also enjoy “Journey to the Veil” as well. God bless you!


  12. FJC says:

    God be with you dear Terri and all the un-blog family til we meet again. Time to get back into the world again and be a light where there is none. I agree:
    “Hurrah for Israel” On with the battle!



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