Reviewing “Journey to the Veil”

Dear Friends of John,


I am pleased to report that the first 4,000 copies of Journey to the Veil have been sold, which is immensely gratifying and humbling to me.   I am admittedly curious to hear what you all think about the book!  But I haven’t heard much so far.  There are just 2 comments on Amazon at present, however both very kind. 


I hope you will forgive me, but I would surely appreciate it if after you read Journey to the Veil, you would please get onto the websites of those booksellers to review the book and offer any feedback that you feel is appropriate, so that others can read your comments and perhaps also benefit from the book. 


So many folks have enjoyed Visions of Glory, but they often don’t know how to really begin to prepare for the pre-millennial Zion themselves.  I believe that Journey to the Veil is a “How-To Book” for Visions of Glory.  During his last few years especially, John felt no restraint in teaching and illustrating the ordained path to receiving every promised blessing, which he testified from personal experience are all readily available to every honest seeker.  So, to me, those two books go hand-in-hand.  Do you agree?


God bless you, dear friends.  If anyone wants to contact me, you can either leave a comment here on the blog, or email me at 


Terri Pontius

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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27 Responses to Reviewing “Journey to the Veil”

  1. tgmusser says:

    I just wanted to thank you so much for publishing this. John’s work has been life changing for me. It has answered questions I have for 28 years. I am so humbled to have finally found the answers I’ve been seeking and to have a crystal clear direction for my life’s purpose.

    Apparently, I am a “black sheep” in my family, ward, and among my circle of friends. Very, very few understand and appreciate the messages of John’s books. I live in West Jordan and would absolutely love to connect with fellow “unblogers”.


  2. Diana says:

    Just want to comment that I feel you’re such a kind person. Your words express so much love. Thank you for your love & continueing the Blog. Many blessings to you & you family.


  3. Gary says:

    Just wanted to say to Terri a big thanks for your testimony that you posted on the Meridian Magazine as I had wanted to meet John someday only to find he had already passed away. Oh my oh my…but I understood. As for the comments made in there, I was horrified but not too surprised by the comments posted there that you had to write something to defend the good your husband John has done. That tells me that even people who think they are good people still have a long ways to go towards recognizing the spiritual things.

    When I read the Visions to Glory book, it opened my understanding even more and made me desire more to be worthy to qualify for entering into Zion when that day comes. I bought the other Zion books John had written because I know it will answer all my questions of getting there.

    I felt saddened when learning of your husband’s passing away. To think that happened soon after writing the book tells me the Lord kept him alive for that purpose and then brought him home to get his rest and reward for his faithfulness. I’d be honored to meet you some day.

    Thanks for all the good you are doing for us and providing the unblogmysoul book. I will be ordering it from Amazon and reading it through just like I did with the Visions of Glory book. Have read it more than two times and would not hestitate to read it through again. My wife has read it through and loves it. She sees her life changing from fear to peace knowing she is going to be okay now that she understands the path better to getting there. I tell people that if they want to really make it into Zion, they need to read these books. Your husband had that gift of writing and understanding it and expressing it to match our needs to know and and honored that calling and he did just that and completed it. God bless you and hugs too. 🙂


  4. bcoulam says:

    I am reading Journey to the Veil one small section at a time. John had such a gift of clarity and expression. Reading his writings is the closest thing to reading scripture I have encountered, bar none. So I’m taking my time, one section at a time, digesting and pondering. It is a fantastic compendium of the UnBlog, and a great review of the supernatural path I left in favor of my weakness for “enterntainment” (movies, TV, researching interesting but uninspiring topics, staying up late, etc.). His book has massaged my stiffneckedness and opened my eyes to what awaits me once I get back to deep personal, Spirit-led prayer and commitment to obedience. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making to effort to create the book. If Deseret Book truly doesn’t and won’t have your book, it is a travesty. We must spread this far and wide by word of mouth and facebook and Amazon review and personal blog posts.


  5. Audrey says:

    Ordered Journey to the Veil on Amazon, and after realizing it would take a couple of days, ran to Barnes and Noble and bought it so I could read it right away, and have been reading non-stop since. Love ALL of John’s books and feel they are inspired works. Glorious comes to mind.
    I keep thinking about Joseph Smith when he said “I know it, and I know that God knows it, and I cannot deny it”. On to Zion.


  6. Melanie says:

    Just left a review on amazon for the Journey to the Veil book. I have been silently reading this blog and John’s books without commenting here. Wanted to thank you and all who have left comments here-my life has been enormously blessed because of this. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Heavenward too:)


  7. Shane McCarthy says:

    My father gave me Journey to the Veil and Triumph of Zion. I just finished Journey to the Veil and it changed my life. I immediately wanted to more fully follow Christ and began to do so. I have read many church books and when I listen to conference I feel the Holy Ghost. I have searched the Holy Scriptures many years. Never before have I come across such profound yet simple doctrine. I feel blessed that I was allowed to read the truths found in this book. I am so grateful to The Lord for allowing this book to be written and to John for being an example on how I should be living my life.


  8. Sherrie Furber says:

    Is it still possible to get a copy of this book? I tried to order it online at DB but nothing comes up. Thanks for all of you work and faith. I hope I didn’t miss the chance to get Journey to the Veil. May you know how grateful we are to you and John and your family for all that you have shared with us. Thank you.


  9. Terri my wife bought me the book for Christmas! And she won’t let me read it till she’s done. I don’tI know if you remember us from the wasI’ll a First Ward. We are the Michaelis family. We came and cleaned your carpet after you and John we’re married and then every couple of months I would go out the auto repair shop and strip and wax the office floor. We now live in woods cross, utah. We are sorry for john’s passing and he was a good friend. Yours dearly Duane and Gay Michaelis.


  10. Dee dee says:

    Terri, Thank you for Journey to the Veil. I’m only sad that I didn’t find Un-blog before John’s death. I first read Visions, then read Following the Light… and Triumph…. I loved them all. I feel like I’ve had my eyes closed my entire life! But I really love Journey to the Veil because I feel like John is sitting with me in my living room just telling me stories so I can better understand and apply these precious truths. My book is well marked and dog-eared. I know I will read it over and over, there is so much to digest. I will also leave a comment on Amazon. Thank you so much. Blessing to you and your family. p.s. I live in Medford, OR and my friend Faye says she knows you from Alaska. Small world in the church.


  11. Keith Hudson says:

    Terry, I tried to find “Journey to the Veil” on today, but could not see it. I have left reviews on Amazon and Barnes&Noble. Next to the scriptures, this book has had more impact on my life and my family than any other book I have ever read. I am so grateful that John was courageous enough to follow the Spirit and unblog his soul.

    I wish I could have been at the first annual Unblog reunion, but that would have required time travel, for I didn’t learn of John’s writings until after “Visions of Glory” was published. If the unblog family wants to hold another reunion, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and go to work to help out.


  12. Ellen Jensen says:

    Deseret Book does not have “Journey to the Veil” in their catalog or in their stores and do not plan to feature this book. I can order this book through them but it will take up to six weeks. Very disappointing since I waited to get the book through them. Ellen Jensen


    • Kathleen Moody says:

      I found my copy on Amazon. Barnes and Noble had no record of John Pontius at all. After Visions of Glory, I had to have other writings of John’s as he is so easy to understand with spiritual concepts few of us are familiar with. I used to feel that the stories we read about in the scriptures were only things that happened to more spiritually advanced people back then. This book and Visions of Glory have shown me that it is possible for anyone who are willing to do what it takes to reach such heights, can have the same type of experiences. John is a wonderful example of someone who has been there and can testify that all this is possible to achieve. Thank you John and Terri!!


  13. Sue Barnsley says:

    I downloaded Journey to the Veil just before Christmas, and have read most of it. This book is answer to prayers. John was and is an incredible writer, as well as an incredible human being. I have also read Visions of Glory. Thank you for putting these marvelous writings together.


  14. Anna-Kare Edwards says:

    I love the book. I am using it as a workbook and read and re-read the posts. I also have given several copies as gifts and intend to continue to gift the book. I can’t thank you enough for compiling this. What a blessing it is for me. God bless you!


  15. Su says:

    First of all, I can’t put into words the sadness I feel at your husband’s passing. It really is a passing, isn’t it? Reading “Visions of Glory”, which I just finished testifies of that. I am sorry for your loss for this short time of separation. I just found out about this blog and I have just started reading “Journey to the Veil.” I can feel my heart already being touched by it. There is so much depth and things to learn in every post. Most of all, I just feel something happening in my heart, which is what we work and pray for in our journey to Christ. Thank you for putting the book together. I will continue reading and then try to figure out how to make a comment. I discovered your book at Costco, but I am assuming I can comment on Amazon anyway. You are involved in a sacred work. Thank you for sharing!


  16. Arnold Petersen says:

    A wonderful book full of life experiences. Very, very directive a testator of Jesus Christ. A great contribution to those seeking righteousness. My family is very grateful for yours and John’s labors and choices to help others find the strait and narrow path and stay on it (endure). I am 81 and happily have had many like experiences. (Arnold)


  17. Casey Fisher says:

    It took me from the time those of us who enjoyed the unblog family reunion to the Tim that John passed away to read every blog that he had ever posted on here. I have noticed that some are missing now, but I sure am glad that I was able to read them. I would put John on the top 5 list of people who have inspired me in my life. If only he could’ve known how his words have truly been like the blog walking on the water have been for me in making my own journey. I never did know him but I feel like I know him well and love him for what he has done!


  18. Drew Laudie says:

    Love the book!! Learn something new in every few pages. A must read along with John’s other books.


  19. Robin keith says:

    Dear Terri, I am 2/3rds the way through your husbands book about becoming Zion. It is a masterpiece! I am a convert of 39 years and have been held back by my incorrect perception that I am not worthy to request an audience with my Savior. How I wish I could sit down with your amazing husband and ask more questions! But as I keep reading, I see he keeps answering me. His book Visions of Glory opened a place inside me that I had not contemplated before and now his last book only stokes in my heart more answers.
    I recently went to the Master of Influence classes in Salt Lake offered by Kirk Duncan. He opened for me the possibility of becoming a creator and designer of my sleeping soul. I was just wondering aimlessly through my life asking for what purpose I was here. That answer has not yet materialized but I know now that it will and John’s encouragement and insight through the research he has obtained in the Zion book has helped me to leap frog into the next place. Bravo, John, your election will be made sure by your divine inspiration and knowledge of the true gospel. Your life sacrifice will help those of us who are asking these Zion questions to magnify. There are many things in his life and mine that exist which only makes this more syncronistic. All the best to you. I hope we can meet someday soon. It would be awesome!


  20. Jodi Sadleir says:

    Terri, I am so grateful to your husband for is work in assisting us all in our own personal journeys to Zion. I’ve read visions of glory and I took my time slowly digesting each section, I cried with joy and recognition of things I’ve experienced that verify what was written. So of course I wanted to share this special gift with my family. I ordered 6 copies of the book and 2 books on CD. My inactive and antagonistic son agreed to listen to the cd’s, So after I got them I was listening to them on my ride from Utah back home to San Diego. I was so very disappointed. The reader read at such a fast pace that it made it very difficult for a first time reader to keep the facts straight let alone get the deeper meaning that can only be felt with the spirit, which of course being read that fast made it totally unavailable to the reader. I can go so far as to call irreverent . Can you do anything about this? or is it completely too late? The message in Visions of Glory is so very powerful, but not as its read on CD. Was that a real person who read it or was it a machine? either way it is so sad, I want my husband to listen to it, but he couldn’t follow along and much of the time was distracted because of it. Please let me know, I’ve order two sets of CD’s and I’m going to return the second one due to this mishap. It really breaks my heart that something so incredibly sacred and full of insight is ruined due to this speed reader. sincerely Jodi S my email is


  21. Kathleen Moody says:

    I agree- Visions of Glory and Journey to the Vail do go hand in hand. I read Visions three times in two months and wondered how to reach that same state. I was absolutely thrilled to receive Journey where all my questions are answered in clear instructions and inspiring stories. There is a lot I am now working to achieve thanks to John. I feel I am on the path! Are there more like these?


  22. Kathryn Hughes says:

    I have read some of your wonderful beautiful book at work at home and at relaxing time and I love it. It does go hand in hand with The visions of Glory and truly is a work of art . We have been given a gift by all these great books. It seems we can be brought closer to our loving Savior .and also seems to have brought John back to us in some small way . . Bless you Terri , my dear sister for making these things happen by carry on what John started . I would love to see another book like this one come to us again in a later time


  23. Sister Pontius,

    In response to the email I am writing a review here. Ok so for me, Journey to The Veil, was a wonderful read. I have read all Of John’s other books, and found it to be equally beneficial to my spirit. I really loved that some Of John’s earlier fictional writings, that had impacted me greatly, and I knew them to be either true events, or possible, were indeed confirmed to have really been experienced By John.

    I really wish that I could have known about, and attended the Unblog reunion, to have met John, and yourself. But, that must wait now. I wish you the best. Along with your children and family. Also give my kind regards to”Spencer”. Your brother in Christ, Dustin.


  24. Racquel Richardson says:

    Terri, I absolutely loved the book! It has helped me so much. I will leave a review on Amazon.


  25. Tresa says:

    I finished the book over the weekend. I LOVED IT! You are exactly right, after reading Visions of Glory this book is definitely the “how to” book. I will try to leave a review on Amazon where I purchased the book. I am not very good with words, so I am skeptical, yet I’ll try.

    I also finished Angels Among Us and want to continue reading the Millennial Quest series. However, for the past several days, I have been unable to access the website. Is that website down?



  26. stuart hallam stocks says:

    most enlighten book on keeping close to the farther, and the way back home, so much to say about being prepared, so encouraging, I love all johns books, they help me stay on the path, I thank you so much, stuart.


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