Welcome to UnBlog 2.0!

Dear UnBlog Family,

As promised, we’ve made several changes to the UnBlog. Here’s a summary:

  • FTL Content: We’ll be shutting down followingthelight.org (“FTL”) in the coming days, because we’ve transferred all relevant content from there onto the UnBlog (mostly in the “Books, FREE Downloads and More” pages).
  • New Layout: We’ve tweaked the layout just a smidge, too. Our pages have a bit more width, we have a new menu and some new banner images.
  • “About” pages: We’ve updated John’s bio and the “About UnBlogMySoul” pages.
  • “Books, FREE Downloads and More”: Click this menu tab (or any of it’s sub-tabs) to purchase a book, download an MP3 of a fireside or an essay. Note that many of these are transferred files from the FTL website. If the files were in FTL’s file subdirectories, they were transferred; if they weren’t, they didn’t make this list.
  • “Study Aids” page: This is a project which John and I discussed often. It contains some of the things he mentioned he’d like on there, so I’ve included those things and more. If you have any suggestions regarding the contents of our “Study Aids” page, please click here and send me a message.
  • “Contact” page: Instead of posting a comment for Terri or I to contact you, you can now just send us a message directly. All we ask is that you use this feature when it’s absolutely necessary, because we tend to get a lot of messages! 🙂

We also invite you (and your friends and loved ones) to subscribe to the UnBlog via the “Email Subscription” form on the right side of the pages.

At Your Service,


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5 Responses to Welcome to UnBlog 2.0!

  1. I’m so grateful for this blog. I discovered the study aids this weekend and feel like a whole new world of resources have been opened to me. Thanks so much for sharing….I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to look for such things before…


  2. Nancy says:

    Looking forward for more to come! Thank you for all you guys do!


  3. Carol says:

    In Journey to the Veil, John says…”Soon the times of easy preparation will be over, and the times of rescue will begin” I have seen that increasingly in past months both in our family and Church family. John adds further ” This is when you will sit in the ashes of your former lives, praying and praying that an angel of any form will come to rescue you, bring you hope, and point the way to Zion. This is a very real stage.” I am grateful for John and his family and friend’s inspired messages, whose light continues to roll forth. Our testimonies of our Savior are a blessing to those around us, as well as ourselves. Gratitude, and obedience! Thank you for your undying service to the Lord and His children!


  4. lorrielou says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m so excited for all your efforts. Thank you so much. And I’m very much looking forward to continuing membership in this wonderful group of like-minded friends that will help me and my family in our journey to Zion. Hurrah for Israel indeed. 🙂


  5. I have read and re-read Visions of Glory several times, and there are, many gems that I have uncovered each time. I realize that it is not my journey, but there is great revelations that can help on our own journeys, to bring clarity and understanding. Thanks again for your loving information.
    Roy Dean Morrison pharmboyroy


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