The First Ever UnBlog Survey

Dear UnBlog Family,

Recently, Terri and I have been wondering how we can make the UnBlog more synergistic (one of my favorite words) and beneficial to you.  After some deliberation and prayer, we’ve decided to do a first: An UnBlog survey.

How Are We Doing? In our survey, we’re asking just a few short questions, like how we’re doing in helping you grow closer to Christ and what topics you feel you need to learn more about.

UnBlog Networking Luncheons: Another thing we’re considering is publicizing local UnBlog Networking Lunches, where you can meet others who are also sincerely seeking Zion and becoming more of a Zionlike person.  These luncheons would need to be facilitated/arranged by someone in the city where the luncheon would be held, and would not feature speakers; it’s just a chance to get to buy/eat your own lunch while meeting like-minded folks.  If you’re interested in attending a local UnBlog luncheon, let us know.  If you’d like to help facilitate one (they won’t happen without a local facilitator), please let us know that, too.

Please Note: This is our first time doing an UnBlog survey, so please excuse us if there are minor glitches here and there.  We’ll keep the survey up and running through Friday, February 21st. On February 22nd, we’ll take it down and (soon thereafter) announce the survey results.  Decisions about UnBlog luncheons, if warranted, will be considered after that date.

We look forward to reviewing your confidential survey submission, and hope to better assist you on your journey to Zion.

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3 Responses to The First Ever UnBlog Survey

  1. FJC says:

    I can’t remember when, where, or how I ran across John’s website, but I inhaled his inspired thoughts and couldn’t get enough. I devoured his books, even outlining “Triumph of Zion” into 23 pages of quotes which I review for focus. I am so pleased to have met John ad Terri at the last gathering. It was most delightful. I felt included and loved and accepted as is. From John, I think more than anything else, I learned innate clarity about the Holy Ghost, much more than I ever had been aware of before. That knowledge and awareness became motivation to do doctrinal searches in the Book of Mormon for specific topics, which filled my soul and made proximity between heaven and earth much closer than ever before. That understanding has opened countless doors which before, never existed. My quest is far more clear than it ever has been. It seems for me, what is most important right now, is doing the work, not necessarily reading about it, or meeting about it, but getting into the trenches with sleeves rolled up and serving and blessing all people and tracking down past ancestors for temple ordinances, and loving all the people, all the time, and doing as Christ would do to bless and serve wherever possible. Suffering through trials faithfully with a good attitude occupies time. It’s as if I have received my assignment and now need to fulfill it. I am so grateful to John. His light shone in my corner of the world just long enough to help align my mental and spiritual focus, and even opening the windows of heaven just a little more. I know he is well and can’t wait for the day when he and I can sit and visit together once again.


    • Rusty says:

      FJC said almost exactly what I’ve been thinking. I had a very hard, very trying experience last summer and now when I look back on it, I can see it was my turning point. I knew I couldn’t get through it without the Lord and when I did as He asked me, He helped me through. My husband and I recently started working in our temple as ordinance workers. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done and I feel closer to the Lord than ever before. We’ve been working on our own genealogy more and taking family file names to the temple. I’ve made break-throughs with the women I visit teach because I’ve spent more time praying for them and doing more for them. I’ve even stopped watching almost all TV shows or movies because I don’t want to lose the Spirit that has blossomed in the last few months. I think I’m finally feeling what I had learned about from all of John’s writings and firesides. But it’s because I’m out doing it, not just reading about it. I dearly love John’s writings and it got me to a certain level and I look forward to thanking him some day, but my desire, now, is to be doing the will of the Lord – whatever it is and wherever it takes me. Time is getting very short and there is still so much to do. But I thank you all for keeping this blog open for those who need this information and are still searching for the understanding that John’s writings can convey.


    • FJC, I am so humbled to read this! It is particularly thrilling to contemplate how a just one thing–a clearer understanding of the Spirit and how it works in our lives–truly changes our spiritual direction in ways that we never imagined possible. And in so doing, these assignments all become a joy to fulfill . . . even the difficult ones. Thank you for uplifting us all! I am sure you will meet again oneday with John, and you two will surely rejoice together in these glorious truths.

      Terri Pontius


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