The Survey Results Are In!

Dear UnBlog Family,

Thanks so much for your tremendous feedback via our first-ever UnBlog Survey. This was our first venture into surveying subscribers, and your thoughts gave us a wealth of information and rejuvenated enthusiasm.

Blog Posts: The overwhelming majority of you said that you’re happy with any of the suggested sources we asked about in our survey, no matter if it’s an excerpt from a John Pontius book or fireside, or carefully screened/reviewed post from another source. Many wanted “new” insights (as opposed to re-posting content). Regardless of the source, the focus of any/all posts will not be John Pontius nor Spencer, but our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We’ve heard you, and couldn’t agree more.

Post Topics: You want to read topics which will help you draw you closer to Christ, and will, in turn, draw Him closer to you. You’re concerned about your own standing before the Lord. You want to conquer the gloom and despair of a Telestial world. You want to better hear the intimations of the Spirit and the voice of the Lord. You want a greater understanding of spiritual gifts so you can serve Him in a more meaningful way. And you want you and your family more spiritually prepared for future, pre-Millennial events. These are powerful topics, all of which have been addressed by modern and ancient apostles and prophets. You can count on these topics being prayerfully considered — and addressed — in future posts.

UnBlog Luncheons: The UnBlog has been very blessed through the years with an environment where all feel welcomed, accepted and comfortable via moderated posts and comments. As much as we want to foster greater interaction among the UnBlog family, we’re not sure if luncheons would be able to maintain that positive environment. So, we’ve decided to hold off on implementing any luncheons for the time being. True, there are many online resources (for example, a Facebook page, a bulletin board or an online forum), but these would require considerable time and attention moderating posts. We still have some other ideas cooking as to how we might catalyze greater interaction, so please give us some time to ponder these possibilities.

The Continuation of a Dream: The UnBlog was John’s dream, the embodiment of a desire to help as many people as possible prepare for Zion. Without going into detail, let us just say that we have been blessed with many confirmations that this continues to be John’s greatest desire, both on this — and on the other — side of the veil. We share John’s desire, and will continue to do our best to forward the UnBlog’s mission.

Moving Forward: We take seriously Elder Ballard’s invitation for us to understand basic gospel principles and to embrace the internet in offering and testifying with “a clear and correct witness” of the gospel truths we have come to know. We’ll even endeavor to take it a step further by inviting others to do the same here, in a safe environment where the presence of the Spirit is of paramount importance.

On that note, we encourage you to share past, present and future posts with anybody you feel inspired to share with. Invite others to subscribe to the UnBlog. And please continue to give us feedback — either through UnBlog comments or a private/confidential message to us via our “Contact” menu tab. In the meantime, know that we will be posting per the thoughts articulated above.

May God bless you and your loved ones with a rich outpouring not only of His light, but also His love, as we prepare to endure — and help others endure — the hardships which lie before mankind, and embrace the inevitable Triumph of Zion.

Hurrah for Israel!

Terri and Chris

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6 Responses to The Survey Results Are In!

  1. Thank you for allowing me and others to be a part of something so wonderful. I enjoyed being invited to participate in your survey. It feels good to have the opportunity to read the insights of others and have my own voice be heard and most importantly, feel and hear the promptings of the spirit. I have been inspired by John’s books and by every post I’ve read here.


  2. tay says:

    Thank you for the efforts to continue on with this endeavor! It has all been such a blessing in my life.


  3. Ajc says:

    Thank you so much for all you continue to do. You are certainly in many prayers & even a few fasts as I pray for the strength & power of Heaven to lift you–as I know how the Heavens yearn to support the Zion cause. God bless you for being willing to even try to lift us ever closer to Christ’s embrace! Thank you All!


  4. I come lately to the UnBlog Family, almost “as one born out of time,” but wanted to give you, Terri, my heartfelt gratitude for Journey to the Veil. It is a moving collection of some of the greatest spiritual experiences and insight I have ever encountered. Blessings to you and John for experiencing and sharing as you have. God bless your efforts going forward. I long to be with you. “Hurrah for Israel & Zion!”


  5. Deila Taylor says:

    Sounds wonderful — thanks for sorting through the survey results and I anxiously await our quest for Zion.


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