Repentance (from the book “Following the Light of Christ into His Presence”)

Repentance is the act of turning away from sin, and is finally complete when we are no longer natural, but spiritual, in nature. When we transcend the natural man through the rebirth, the desire for sin simply goes away. Repentance is complete when we no longer even desire sin, when it becomes repulsive and repugnant. The natural man is not at all like that, but the spiritual man is in every way.

Don’t let this concept become license to throw up your hands, embrace your sins, and wait for the change to occur. It is an invitation to throw aside your sins totally, rather than one at a time. It is an invitation to yield to the enticings of the Holy Spirit and to be reborn into a new creature who is spiritual, and who no longer desires sin. It is an invitation to come unto Christ and become clean every whit.

The way to Perfection
is not through the
disciplining and Reshaping of the Soul by the will of Man,
through the Discipline of Obedience
and reshaping of the Soul
by God.

In fact, this is an invitation to increased effort, to increased diligence and obedience. It is an invitation to experience life-giving success; to finally conquer your errant behavior and restore your soul. You have never had a greater invitation, because it comes from the Lord, and His grace is sufficient for all who yield unto him.

The result of true repentance is not just an absence of immoral actions, but a purity of spirit which can only be attained through guidance by the Holy Spirit, and sanctification through the atonement of Christ.

Allowing time to elapse is not repentance. Payment must be made for all sins committed any time during your life. The justice of God demands it. Because something happened thirty years ago does not mean it has been forgiven. Every sin must be dealt with as the Spirit directs in order for us to be forgiven and the atonement applied in our behalf. Unresolved sin is a blight upon the soul. It cankers and sickens the inner man. It limits our contact with the divine and damns our progression.

Payment is made whether the sinner is repentant or not. The most exacting and demanding payment for sin is to ignore it and let our souls pay the price through suffering. Rest assured the price will be paid. It may be paid in earthly suffering, sometimes it is paid in the hereafter – or both. Unwilling payment for sin does not exalt, and does not constitute repentance. Even after the price has been paid in this way, we may not actually be forgiven, because we have not repented, we have not changed our obedience and come unto Christ. We have just paid the price which justice demands. It may be that all we need to do is allow the Holy Spirit to guide us through the steps of repentance. It may well be that we overcame that weakness long ago, yet by a failure to repent, have not yet obtained the sweet relief of forgiveness.

Repentance is a change of heart, not just a change of actions. The actions change forever after the heart changes. There are two powerful virtues of the atonement that assist us in repentance.

One is that through obedience and ordinances we can be forgiven of our sins. The other, less understood, blessing is that as we yield our will to Christ, He empowers us to change. He takes away our desire for the very transgressions that we wish to repent of. All who pay the price of obedience will experience this powerful change. After the divinely wrought changes you will be truly repentant, and worthy of the remission of sins promised by the ordinance of baptism.

Brother John

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3 Responses to Repentance (from the book “Following the Light of Christ into His Presence”)

  1. cih says:

    Wonderful post!


  2. Some helpful things that I have found in the removial of sin out of our lives. I have found that when ever I would focus upon the sin it would grow. Even a little at a time but when I learned to change the focus of of all my thoughts to the process of bringing in good in to my life good would continue to fill my life. Good in Good out, bad in bad out. I Have found that the way that the advesary wants to get you to do bad is the same way that we have to remove barkness out of our lives. He pushes thouse thoughts in to our minds and if we entertain them long enuf they they can move to our harts and then to our body’s and then to our soles. In Spencers words thease people become bent in there destruction as well as others. Most of us think that in order to change a bad habit we have to remove it, and we do but by just removing that bad habit it creates a void with in us that only that that habit fits in to. This creates a vacuum that by thinking about that habit increases the suction of that vacuum to a point hat we can no longer hold it at bay it begins to consume the person and it enters back in to us. So the key to the removal of this addiction is so simple that most of us think that that can’t work. These bad habit are a form of darkness that resides with in us this darkness dose not like light it is in a way allergic to it. These habits have other habits that attach them selves to the other one each habit reminds us of the other one and they all attract more darkness to them. Some times we want to just get rid of one bad habit at a time. That is like trying to pull out a tare in the wheat field it is not impossible but it is not easy.  This darkness likes to bundle it’s self together and if you are not ready to give up all the bad then the rest of the bundle of darkness will call out to the one bad thing that you are trying to remove. This can create depression. When Christ taught us to build upon the rock it means that we must remove all other foundations out of us and make room for his light and truths. We can’t look back and move forward. I guess what I am trying is that you can’t hold on to darkness of any kind and let Christ truly in to your lives. As Christ dose the weeding out he will point out the weeds but we have to pray, Pray, PRAY them out. As we look to Christ and bring in his light and truth in to our existence, and begin to live that light, and flow the truth’s. THIS IS WHAT CHANGES US! This is a simple pattern of truth that I have found that can help. All thing enter us good or bad, in this same way it go’s into the mind then the hart then to the body and then to the sole. If an addiction has rutted it’s self in the sole it is very hard to remove, remember all things are possible in and through Christ. He teaches us to garnish our thoughts unceasingly. So those negative thoughts and emotions push them out as far away from you as you can. In this your gardening your mind from the fiery darts of the adversary. Depression can be a sine of the morning of that addiction this is caused because of the hole that the removal of that addiction, it is the removal of darkness out of us, light and Darkness can’t occupy the same space when light comes in darkness must leave. We fill the gap with light and truth and in him we are healed. 3 Nephi 9;13 Oh ye that are sparred because you were more righteous than they, will ye not now return unto me, and repent of your sins, and be converted, that I may heal you? So this is the simplified way, Now return unto Christ, Repent, Be converted, And receive the gift healing of their sole.

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  3. Jared says:

    Love it. To be clean, pure, sanctified. To shake at the appearance of sin. The grand empowerment of having the weak flesh be elevated to the the willing Spirit. to be a master of this fallen environment through the infinite enabling powers of the atonement–what joy–what peace–what sweet freedom! I testify of this most rewarding gift given by our precious Savior through repentance and appliying his glorious atonement.


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