Spiritual Firewood

This is from an Anonymous Unblog reader…

celloI knew at age 3 what I wanted to do with my life: I wanted to play the cello and write music.

There was no question in my mind.

As a toddler, I wrote music and played weird chords on the piano. I got in trouble for trying to play my dad’s full sized cello. I regularly pestered my parents for three whole years until they let me take cello lessons. They finally got me lessons at age 6. I have been playing cello ever since.

And now, the confession:

Whenever someone asked questions like, “What would be the hardest thing for you to give up for Zion?”, my first thought was my cello.

I cringed inside every time.

I told God I only wanted to use my cello to glorify Him. I told Him I didn’t want it to be an idol that would separate me from Him. I purposely visualized some catastrophe where my cello got smashed in bits.

I came to a point where this scenario wouldn’t be the end of my little pathetic world. However, when imagined such a scenario, I certainly felt a bit like how an amputee might feel. That’s how close I am to my cello.

So, when I got to Spencer’s description (in Visions of Glory) about the people in Zion who are able to work with wood on a terrestrial level, I felt a wonderful release.


With the Master Carpenter as our King, and skilled craftsmen working with wood on a level of terrestrial exquisiteness, my current cello would be offered as firewood for someone’s campfire outside the walls of Zion.

What a blessing!

Today, you could make a down payment on a house with the value of my current cello. In Zion, it will be considered firewood compared to something that will be crafted within those walls.

And then I thought about how this all makes perfect sense — this whole concept of, “It will truly be more beautiful and wonderful than our current imagination can fathom.” Just think about the glorious music that would come out of any instrument made by a craftsman in Zion!

After spending most of my life on this planet fussing over the thought of giving up my terrestrial cello, I have a peaceful — nay, JOYFUL — release from my own stupidity that was weighing me down.

If you are shaking your head and chuckling at me, you are not alone. I’m laughing with relief as a long-carried unnecessary burden has vanished.

I also believe God might be smiling that I let a silly worry go — especially since this whole concept of trusting that God has better things in store is probably a “no brainer” for many others.

I’m still running to catch up to where He wants me. There’s a lot more “stupid” that I need to get rid of. And that’s OK with me. I trust His timing and ability to knock off and smooth my rough edges as He shapes me into the person He wants me to become.

Somewhere in your life, you may not have a cello that you’re willing to let go. But there’s bound to be something. I now know that when we are willing to let go of our most prized possessions, God will eventually exchange it with something better than we’ve ever imagined.


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12 Responses to Spiritual Firewood

  1. Ella says:

    Even though I’m a bit shy, I want to meet you lovely people after reading your responses!

    We all share that same hunger/longing/drive for Zion. How cool is that? 🙂

    Carol, I love your picture of tent dwelling en-route to Zion being much more glorious than any place currently on the planet!

    UNDEWMS- no plans to smash or burn my cello… but I avoid using it in any way that wouldn’t please God. Also, already on Youtube. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzUFp1IkXlQ)

    Craig, Cardston’s temple sounds beautiful. I have toured two temples prior to their dedication. Both were very beautiful- my favorite thing was the woodwork in the Nauvoo temple. Have you seen it?

    Robin, We should get together sometime and play! I’ve written some cello duets… 🙂

    Joseph & Rebecca, thank you for sharing more ways to turn things over to God! You guys rock!

    Terri, thank you for that insight. I’m still learning about God’s abundance and how He loves to bless us. When I get glimpses of who God really is, it blows my mind.

    Like I said, I’ve still got a loooooooooong way to go. You guys inspire me!


  2. tjpontius says:

    I love your inspired and beautifully written article, Anonymous! Along with everything you said, here’s something also to consider: Remember that Abraham walked off the mountain with Isaac. Abraham had to be wholly willing to sacrifice the thing he cherished the most; but once he did, truly having raised his knife in total submission to the Lord’s will, the Lord gave him back the very thing that he had been willing to sacrifice. In fact, as John and I talked about so often, the Lord gives back in kind–AND he gives back in multiplied measure.

    Sounds to me like you’ve got a whole symphonic orchestra in Zion just waiting for you!

    Thank you again for this beautiful post.

    — Terri Pontius


  3. Joseph says:

    I agree with the idea that you have presented and have been letting go of things myself, materialism, the perceived need of “things”, etc. My life has been going through a transformation towards the simple, and to what matters most. When I think of a Zion-like community – I think of music. If your cello doesn’t make it..I’m sure one will and You’ll have the chance to play it, and bless many people with your uplifiting music.


  4. Birdie says:

    I can’t bear to part with my journals and photo albums! But I’ll bet we can pull them up again through our individual portals and the colors will be more magnificent, with 3-D featured as well!!!


  5. rebecca says:

    So excited about this post! I was working out at the gym for 2 hours every day and felt so happy and energetic. The Lord had been asking me to do things like give up one of those mornings to attend the temple. I was covetous of my workout time but did as the Lord asked and oh what blessing I received!! After a series of events like this I knew that I could trust Him. I then kept getting impressions that I needed to quit the gym. I told Him that He needed to keep telling me so that I was sure it was from Him. He did and I quit. I began walking every morning. I walked all through the dark and cold of winter mornings (in AZ!) I cannot describe how glorious my time with the Lord was and continues to be. I have sent up many mighty prayers high into the heavens!! I have been filled with light and love and sometimes my soul stretches as wide as eternity. What wisdom and grace and goodness of our Father in Heaven, he desires to give us better than we have!!


  6. mwgallacher says:

    Bravo! Beautiful words! Thank you!


  7. Carol says:

    I love this post, thank you for sharing. Imagine living in a tent, enroute to Zion. It would be far more glorious than to stay behind in the grandest mansion in this telestial estate.


  8. Phyllis says:

    This is an excellent article. Thank you for your insight you received that will now bless those of us with our “cellos”. My mind as I was reading imagined that you may be one who will be blessed to learn the art of terrestrial woodworking because you have such a desire for this. Imagine asking a tree to willingly shape itself into a cello just for you — that fits your hands and body like a glove, so to speak. Then after this, imagine that in the celestial world your celestial body may, in fact, be a part of your soul… no need for an outside instrument — you will be able to make the perfected sounds of a cello’s music from within your own celestial body to praise God! Just a thought I had as I read this article. I think from what Spencer shared with us in Visions of Glory, things will be very different, but also more perfect. It will be a very wonderful world where we all will learn to do perfectly the things we love today that will glorify God within our own range of talents.


  9. Craig Snyder says:

    Great article – anonymous! Speaking of wood and craftsmanship, have you ever seen the wood inside the Cardston Alberta temple? It has a spiritual quality to it that is beyond mere beauty. Terrestrial, yes, but like your cello, beautiful and magnificent. I can’t wait to see the wood crafting coming out of Zion!


  10. Robin says:

    As a fellow cello I endorse this great blog. We will definately meet up and enjoy the fruits of heaven. I teach cello and have for over 40 years. As a retire soon, the only things that go in the truck when we sell everything is the cello and some clothes…yep, we can all downsize to that.


  11. UNDEWMS says:

    Wait! Wait! Smash the cello AFTER you have played your sweetest creation on YouTube and have given me a link to it. Zion is all about being OUR best. That means you must share.

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  12. Shauna Hart says:

    I think all of us are experiencing these very thoughts and situation….I have learned to let go of a home, financial stability, employment, and even a relationship with two of my three kids. It has only been through the enabling power of the Atonement and understanding what my REAL righteous desires are, ie, be a part of Zion, that I can press forward and have joy! Who knew!?!


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