Furthering the UnBlog

Since John passed in December 2012, many of you have come back to visit the Unblog and read the posts which John faithfully penned before his passing. They are wonderful, and we hope you return here often!

I also long to continue our gospel discussions in a safe, faith-promoting way.

On blog which does just that is “The Perfect Day“.

bannerThe Perfect Day

Since 2012, one of John’s closest friends has authored a blog, The Perfect Day. I can’t recommend it highly enough, because it’s one of the few out there that places a singular focus on establishing and deepening your relationship with the Savior. It truly picks up the ball where John left off, and is THE worthy successor of the Unblog. Here’s the link one more time: The Perfect Day.

I hope you will visit The Perfect Day.  Let’s become a truly close-knit family of truth-seekers as we continue to rejoice in Christ together.

– Terri Pontius

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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