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“Sam turned his mind, and his whole heart, back to his beloved Master. His request had been fulfilled. Sam understood as completely as it was possible for a mortal to understand what the Savior had done, and why. His praise would now be full, joyous and perfect.’I will come to you again,’ Jesus’ glorious voice proclaimed. ‘I will come and make my abode with you, and my Father and I will bless your home with our presence. Great shall be your joy, and eternal your reward. Samuel, I have a great task for you to perform yet, and I commission you to its accomplishment before you return to my glory.’

‘I will, my Lord,’ Sam said earnestly. ‘I will do anything. Anything.’

‘I know,’ came His reply. ‘Because of your faithfulness, I desire to bless you. Is there a special gift that I can grant?’

Sam felt his heart soar, then immediately sink. This was his moment to ask the very thing of which he had long dreamed! Yet, he felt not unworthy, but perhaps presumptuous, and dared not voice his deepest desire. Once again, the Savior smiled, and like a trusting child, Sam gazed longingly into His eyes.

‘You desire that which John, my beloved disciple, asked of me. It is one of the loftiest gifts one may receive on earth. Remember, Samuel,’ he said, as He placed a hand on Sam’s shoulder, ‘that I called you to this blessed ministry in your Patriarchal blessing, indeed, in the pre-mortal world. From this day, you will live free from the aches and pains of mortal life, immune to temptation, disease, suffering, sorrow, pain and death. I grant you power to accomplish the last great task I require of you. When it is done, and I have come again in my glory, I will receive you unto myself, that your joy, and your glory, may be even as mine, that we may together inherit all My Father hath.’

Sam felt the glory all around him beginning to fade, and with deep regret, sensed the Savior withdrawing. He wanted to rush into the light with Him, to remain with Him, yet knew he could not.

‘I will come to you again,’ Jesus assured him lovingly as the light gathered around Him. The opening through the veil grew smaller until it closed entirely, and Sam was left alone. He sank to his knees a few inches from where the Savior of all mankind had just stood. He reached out and ran his fingers across the deep pile of the carpet which still held the precious imprint of two bare feet. Sam marveled that mere seconds before, He had been here.”

Translation — it’s one of the greatest gifts we can receive in mortality.

Few seek it. Even fewer may be blessed with it.

The doctrine of translation was a thrill and a joy to John Pontius. While some were watching sports events or surfing the internet, he was busy studying this, and many other, mysteries of God’s kingdom.

In the summer of 1995, John physically and mentally detached himself from society. This helped empower him to write five books, which were later named the “Millennial Quest” series.

In this, the third book of the series, John explored the life of a fictional character, Sam, who would eventually be blessed with translation. As you read, you’ll see the trials and anguish Sam experienced while on this challenging path. You’ll read of his meeting Helaman (not the Book of Mormon prophet), who befriends Sam. And you’ll read of Sam’s interactions with the Lord as he begins to realize the importance and enormity of his divinely-decreed calling.

One interesting fact about this book: towards the end, Sam is told, “You will bring a remnant of the great tribe of Levi out of the north countries. You will walk with them from the lands of their captivity to the temple at Cardston, Canada.” John wrote that in 1995. Sixteen years later, John interviewed “Spencer” for the book, “Visions of Glory.” During the course of the interview, John was told, by “Spencer”, that at a future day, the tribes would venture forth out of the lands of their captivity to Cardston, Canada. Upon hearing this, John was astonished and humbled that the Lord had validated and confirmed his previous, clear impressions about Cardston.

This is a story about the beginning of one fictitious man’s new mission. It was all that he could have ever conceived of, and infinitely more. It was everything his soul had ever thirsted for, longed for, wept for, and lived for.

John believed these blessings are at our fingertips, as achievable today as in any period of antiquity.

You’re invited to confirm John’s feelings, and — if you feel his beliefs were correct — determine what your next steps should be.

Terri Pontius
April 26, 2017

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