Announcing John’s Final Book Journey to the Veil II: Path of Discipleship

Dear Unblog Family, I am so excited to announce that John’s final book, Journey to the Veil II: Path of Discipleship will be released in early March by Cedar Fort Publishing! I had never read his personal journals before just recently, and was thrilled what I read, and felt to include many deeply spiritual experiences in this book.

“Nine years ago, John Pontius passed from this mortal life, but his words continue to live on and impact countless lives across the globe. When he was given six months to live, John dedicated himself to sharing his testimony of the gospel online through his writing project, UnBlog My Soul. The blog gained thousands of followers as people read John’s compelling story, and his words reached even more through the publication of Journey to the Veil in 2013, a compilation of many of his beautiful messages. This second installment shares even more of John’s unique insights from UnBlog My Soul, as well as previously unpublished entries from his personal journal. These snippets of John’s journey describe gospel principles from a unique perspective and powerfully illustrate that the highest blessings of the gospel are truly available to every humble soul.”

You can pre-order the book here:



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