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Faith and Belief

Faith is a result of exposure to the Spirit of the Lord, and is a gift of God. Faith does not naturally reside in man. When we obey some principle of truth, or a commandment of God, or any whispering … Continue reading

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Priesthood Ordinances & Mysteries of Godliness

All gospel blessings, especially those related to entering the presence of the Lord, flow from priesthood ordinances. The power of godliness lies in the right that the priesthood gives us to righteously perform binding ordinances. Thus, being a priesthood holder … Continue reading

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Personal Revelation

Personal revelation is surely the word of God in its purest and simplest form: unfiltered, unedited, untranslated, pure, intimate, specific, and direct. It is the essence of faith, hope, charity, and prophecy. Even in its least significant forms, it unerringly … Continue reading

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