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I am a lover of truth.

Official Unblog My Soul Facebook Group

We are so excited to announce the official Unblog My Soul Facebook group! We hope you, our beloved Unblog My Soul family will join us as we continue the wonderful discussions Brother John Pontius started about personally coming to the Savior … Continue reading

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FREE DOWNLOAD: “Angels Forged in Fire”

Right mouse click the image above to download your free Adobe Acrobat PDF of “Angels Forged in Fire” — Book 3 in John Pontius’ fictional Millennial Quest” series! Need another format? Feel free to right mouse click the following: epub, lrf, mobi, pdb … Continue reading

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All Good Things…

On August 4, 2010, John Pontius said “Hello, World!” — his first “UnBlog My Soul” post. At that time, John had been told he had only six months to live. So, via the UnBlog, John recorded his powerful witness of … Continue reading

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Breathtaking Blast Offs

The following is from Patrick… Not more than a year ago I believed the Lord would be there for us whenever we needed him, but that he really wouldn’t be involved in the details of our lives–like if we bought … Continue reading

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Mighty Prayer

Note: This is a reader submission by a dear UnBlog family member, Veronica Clarke. Shortly after the death of my husband, I was awakened in the middle of the night with instructions communicated through the spirit by my husband. I … Continue reading

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Announcement: “We Three Kings”

Sometime next month, Cedar Fort International will release John Pontius’ fictional book, “We Three Kings”. It’s story is not only entertaining, but also has a wonderful spiritual message which can be life-changing. At it’s heart, “We Three Kings” is about … Continue reading

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Saving Faith in Christ – Part II

Here is Part II of a blog post re: Saving Faith in Christ. Terri —————————————————– Then comes the final requirement for obtaining saving faith: an actual knowledge that the course of our life is pleasing to God. If we are … Continue reading

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