Scriptorian’s Keys

Scriptorian’s Keys to the Scriptures

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Download the PDF version here: Scriptorian’s Key to the Book of Mormon

Download the PDF version here: Scriptorian’s Key to the Doctrine & Covenants

Book of Mormon

1 Nephi 1 Lehi called as a prophet, sees God on His throne
1 Nephi 2 Nephi speaks face to face with The Lord
1 Nephi 8 Lehi’s vision of Tree of Life
1 Nephi 10 He that diligently seeks shall find.
1 Nephi 11 Nephi vision of Tree of Life
1 Nephi 12 Vision of America
1 Nephi 13 Church of Devil. Plain and precious things taken from the Bible.
1 Nephi 14 Two churches only. Great and Abominable Church of the Devil
1 Nephi 19 Prophecy of Christ’s suffering and atonement.
2 Nephi 2 Opposition in all things. Good and Evil.
2 Nephi 3 Three Josephs
2 Nephi 4 Psalm of Nephi.
2 Nephi 9 Resurrection and Atonement. Save all men if they will hearken unto his voice. When they are learned they think they are wise & ignore God. To be carnally minded is death.
2 Nephi 10 Jews crucify their God. America land of liberty. Reconcile yourselves to the will of God, not the will of flesh.
2 Nephi 13 Wo unto the daughters of Zion
2 Nephi 25 Nephi interprets Isaiah. We labor diligently to write to believe in Christ. Saved by Grace. We talk of Christ we rejoice in Christ . . .
2 Nephi 26 Priestcrafts. Many churches. Lead with a flaxen cord
2 Nephi 27 Book of Mormon. Sealed book. Three witnesses. Marvelous w and w.
2 Nephi 28 False churches. Satan rage in hearts of men
2 Nephi 29 We need no more Bible. Judged out of books
2 Nephi 31 Take upon you name of Christ. Baptism of fire. Speak with tongue of angels. Straight and narrow path. Rely upon words of Christ. Only true doctrine. None other way.
2 Nephi 32 Angels peak by Holy Ghost. Continues from 2 Nephi 31. Holy Ghost will show you all things what ye should do. This is the doctrine of Christ.
Mosiah 2 King Benjamin’s Address. Unprofitable servants. List to obey the evil spirit. Open rebellion against God.
Mosiah 3 Prophecy of Jesus Christ – his mother shall be Mary. The natural man is an enemy to God
Mosiah 5 Being Born Again. Ye shall be called the children of Christ Hear and know the voice by which ye are called.
Mosiah 7 Ammon returns to Lehi-Nephi
Mosiah 8 24 Gold plates
Mosiah 11 Abinidi captured
Mosiah 12-16 Abinidi’s trial
Mosiah 17 Alma believes and begins to preach
Mosiah 18 Waters of Mormon
Mosiah 26 I covenant with thee (Alma) that thou shalt have eternal life
Mosiah 27 Vision of Alma the Younger. Marvel not that all mankind . . . must be born again.
Mosiah 28 Sons of Mosiah preach to the Lamanites
Alma 3 Rewards every man according to his works. Receive wages of him whom he listeth to obey.
Alma 5 Rebirth of the spirit. Have ye been spiritually born of God. Ye are as sheep having no shepherd.
Alma 8 Alma and Amulek preach
Alma 10 Unrighteous lawyers and judges destroy the people
Alma 12 It is given unto many to know the mysteries until they know them in full
Alma 13 Premortal calling of High Priests. Called according to the foreknowledge of God, on account of their faith. Exceedingly great many who . . . entered into the rest of the Lord.
Alma 17-26 Account of the Sons of Mossiah
Alma 29 O that I were an Angel.
Alma 32 Plant the seed (of faith in Christ) in your hearts. Faith is not to have a perfect knowledge. God imparts his word by angels. Arouse your faculties even to an experiment upon my words.
Alma 34 Atonement. There should be a great and last sacrifice. Cry unto Him in you fields. The same (evil) spirit to possess your body in that eternal world.
Alma 37 The Liahona is a type of spiritual things
Alma 40 Resurrection
Alma 41 Plan of Restoration (good to good – evil to evil)
Alma 42 Redemption and Atonement. Adam and Eve. Justice and Mercy
Alma 45 Alma translated
Alma 46 Moroni raises the Title of Liberty
Heleman 3 Sanctification comes by yielding your heart to God
Heleman 4 Zarahemla captured by the Lamanites
Heleman 5 Nephi and Lehi preach to the Lamanites. Ye must build upon the rock of the Savior. Nephi and Lehi circled about by fire.
Heleman 6 Lamanites more righteous than Nephites. Gadianton Robbers take over the Nephite government
Heleman 7 Nephi upon the garden tower
Heleman 10 Nephi receives the sealing power
Heleman 13 Samuel the Lamanite prophesies Nephite destruction
Heleman 14 Samuel the Lamanite prophesies of Christ’s birth
Heleman 16 Samuel the Lamanite cannot be slain upon the wall
3 Nephi 4 Gadianton Robbers defeated
3 Nephi 7 Government overthrown. Nephi raises Lehi from the dead
3 Nephi 8 Destructions at Christ’s death. Cities destroyed. 3 days of darkness.
3 Nephi 9 Voice of Christ heard. “Behold I am Jesus Christ,
3 Nephi 11 Christ appears in Bountiful
3 Nephi 12 Christ calls the Twelve
3 Nephi 15 Ye are the . . . other sheep
3 Nephi 16 When the Gentiles reject the fullness of my gospel, I will bring my gospel from among them. Tread them down as salt that has lost its savor.
3 Nephi 17 Jesus heals the sick. Angels minister to the little ones.
3 Nephi 18 Jesus institute the Sacrament.
3 Nephi 21 Latter day prophecies. New Jerusalem, return of 10 tribes.
3 Nephi 26 Jesus expounds all things. Babes utter marvelous things.
3 Nephi 27 This is my gospel, that I might be lifted up to draw all men unto me.
3 Nephi 28 Three Nephites are translated. Nine are promised speedy exaltation
4 Nephi All are converted. 200 years of peace.
Mormon 1 Three Nephites are taken away. People have become wicked.
Mormon 3 War and carnage
Mormon 6 Nephites defeated at Cumorah
Mormon 8 Moroni begins his record
Ether 2 Jaradites build barges.
Ether 3 16 stones lightened by the finger of the Lord seen. Christ appears to the Brother of Jared
Ether 4 When Gentiles exercise faith as the brother of Jared, then they will see the things the brother of Jared saw, even all the revelations of God. Gentiles must rend the veil of unbelief.
Ether 6 Barges arrive in the land of promise.
Ether 12 The prophet Ether speaks of “the Heavenly Gift” and seeing God. Faith is things which are hoped for, and not seen. Weaknesses make men humble. My grace is sufficient.
Ether 13 Ether speaks of the New Jerusalem
Moroni 4 Sacrament prayer on the bread.
Moroni 5 Sacrament prayer on the water.
Moroni 7 All good things come from God. All evil is inspired of the devil. How to lay hold upon every good thing. Ministering of Angels. Faith Charity
Moroni 8 Infant baptism is evil.
Moroni 10 “When ye shall receive these things.” Gifts of the Spirit. Speaking from the dust of the earth. Come unto Christ and be perfected in him.

17 Responses to Scriptorian’s Keys

  1. Dee says:

    I am rereading the Book Of Mormon and this is a great gift. Thank you Bro. John. I look forward to the whispering of the spirit as I read it again because of the insights I have received from you and your books. God bless you John


  2. Gayle says:

    Thank you for this! I just ran across your website and blog which are wonderful!!! I am starting today to memorize these headings. This will be so helpful to me in finding the scriptures that will lift my soul and help me to teach my family.


  3. Amanda says:

    Thank you, Brother John. Just what I have been needing!


  4. Judy Richards says:

    Thank you for sharing this–I sure will try to put it into use!


  5. Althea says:

    This will be very helpful. I have been a word perfect memorizer (is that a word?) This will make life much easier. Thank you. I so enjoy your insights.


  6. Marise Erickson says:

    Thank you! This is wonderful. it is a great Blessing to me right now. Thank you again so much for your uplifting sharing and insights.


  7. Regina says:

    I would like to express my thanks to you for this Scriptorian Key as well as all of the other inspired inspiration you share with us.


  8. loralcl says:

    Thank you! I have used the same system, but incomplete. This will be much better. Any other Scriptorian Guides you have for the other standard works would be greate as well.


  9. Sister Harris says:

    Thank you Brother Pontius for sharing your insight with us. Isn’t it great how we are all given talents to bless and uplift each other. Thank you for willingly sharing yours.


  10. Kelly says:

    Thank you for sharing your work with us. I would love the others too.


  11. Genevieve says:

    Thank you very much! Very useful. I am going to translate it in french for my whole family.

    Very good idea, indeed.


  12. jowo says:

    this is such a little thing, but as I gave it a quick review there was a little typo on Alma 46, I think you meant Moroni.


  13. jowo says:

    thank you


  14. Marci says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Please share all you have! Love it!


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