Submission Guidelines

First, thanks for even considering posting your experiences and testimony to the UnBlog!

There are several topics we’d like to address in the future here on the UnBlog, and would love to have your thoughts on them! Here’s how:


1. Review the detailed instructions and list of upcoming UnBlog topics (below).
2. Note the “Submissions Accepted” and “Submissions Deadline” dates (which can and most likely will change, without notice).
3. Understand that any submission before or after its designated dates will be discarded.
4. Now that you have the background, contemplate what you’d like to say.
5. We will consider your submission to be owned by you, yet permitted to be published on UnBlogMySoul. It may be copied, transmitted and used for private, non-commercial, non-public purposes, or for personal research, church talks or lessons. Those in doubt should contact the original author of the work.


  • Write your submission. Prayerfully seek the guidance of the Spirit as to which personal spiritual experiences you should share, and how others might be able to benefit from knowledge of that experience.
  • Better: Integrate scriptures.
  • Even better: Bear your testimony, too!
  • If you have a link to a picture or YouTube video, include the link web address (URL) so we can find it.
  • Be careful using other’s names unless you want them discovered.
  • Save your work! There’s nothing quite as frustrating as writing a lot of cool stuff, only to see your computer freeze and you lose it all.


Preferably, your submission should enable others to reach out to you personally, without having to go through UnBlog administrators. Many will want to thank you or ask you personal follow-up questions which might be inappropriate for posting as an online comment.

  • If possible, include your real name and an e-mail address (First names are OK, spam e-mail addresses are wise, too) at the bottom of your post.
  • If you’re very uncomfortable even sharing your first name, say you’re anonymous and explain why.
  • If you’re very uncomfortable with publicly sharing your e-mail address (even a spam e-mail address of your’s), explain why.


  • Double check and make sure you’re submitting your article in between the “Accepted” and “Deadline” dates.
  • Know that when you submit, you are also telling us that you’ve read, understood and agreed with all the guidelines on this page.
  • TO SUBMIT: Click the “Contact” tab (above). Give us your name, e-mail address and then copy and paste your submission into the “Comment/Question” field. DO NOT SUBMIT VIA COMMENTS!


  • Please avoid the temptation to ask if we received your submission. The Contact page’s form works pretty well, so just assume we did.
  • The UnBlog reserves the right to edit for grammar, spelling and punctuation without your permission. Deeper edits, of course, will go through you as needed. We also reserve the right to post a portion, even a summary, of your submission. If so, we will try our level best to post as much of it as we can.
  • Please please, don’t take it personally if we post only a portion your submission, or not at all. Most likely, it was because of the sheer volume of submissions we received, or there may have been something that didn’t resonate with us. We can’t (and won’t) explain our reasons to each and every one who wasn’t published, so just understand that if you don’t see your submission posted, again, don’t take it personally and we sincerely hope you’ll submit again.
  • The topic will be posted within a month after its Submission Deadline.
  • If you have an idea for a future UnBlog topic, please use the “Contact” page and let us know!  🙂


March 20 March 30 How do you distinguish between the voice of God, the voice of Satan and your own (internal) voice?
March 30 April 10 What does the empowerment of Jesus Christ mean in your life, as you struggle for perfection?
April 10 April 20 How do you cope with a spouse who isn’t as passionate in seeking Zion as you are?
April 20 April 30 How do you stay focused in prayer, especially if there are many distractions (kids, noises) around you?
April 30 May 10 What advice would you give someone with ADD or ADHD on how to effectively study the scriptures and pray?
May 10 May 20 How do you keep from judging others?
May 20 May 30 How do you overcome feelings of loneliness?
May 30 June 10 How do you keep a smile on your face in a world so full of sadness?
June 10 June 20 We’re all beggars. How do you uplift those beggars you see on the street?
June 20 June 30 What have you done to thin (or part) the veil in your life?
June 30 July 10 How do you learn to forgive yourself?
July 10 July 20 Besides the MoTab, what musical artists lift and inspire you, and why (please be specific with examples of songs)?
July 20 July 30 What have you (and possibly your spouse) done to unify and strengthen yourself/yourselves spiritually?
July 30 August 10 How can one make their Patriarchal Blessing more meaningful in their life?
August 10 August 20 How have you experienced “Mighty Prayer?”
August 20 August 30 What does the term “Proactive Charity” mean to you?
August 30 Sept 10 What does it mean to truly surrender our will to Christ?
Sept 10 Sept 20 Who is a Zionlike person in your life, and why?
Sept 20 Sept 30 Do angels really interact with ordinary people in this life?
Sept 30 October 10 How do you transform fear into faith?
October 10 October 20 How has writing down personal revelation helped you later on?
October 20 October 30 How do you keep from relying on the arm of flesh?
October 30 Nov 10 What aspect of Christ’s personality has personally impacted you the most in your life?
Nov 10 Nov 20 What’s something you do, that most other people you know don’t do, to draw closer to Christ?
Nov 20 Nov 30 What quote or saying has motivated you the most in your life, and why (can be from the scriptures or someone else)?
Nov 30  Dec 10 What are some really cool free tools or websites (besides the scriptures and correlated church materials) one can use to grow in their knowledge of the gospel, and why?
Dec 10 Dec 20 Tell us an experience where you followed the Spirit, and the end result was far better than you ever imagined.
Dec 20  Dec 30 How did you overcome your apprehension to studying the Book of Isaiah so you could better understand prophetic events of the last days?
Dec 30 Jan 10, 2015 How can you better feel the Spirit at work?
Jan 10, 2015 Jan 20 How can we view repentance as a thing to be embraced, not feared?
Jan 20 Jan 30 Tell about a time when you knew you were incapable of change, and the Lord worked a miracle in your life.

4 Responses to Submission Guidelines

  1. bluecloud07 says:

    I came across Brother John’s books by accident. I’d like to believe it was actually an answer to heart-wrenching prayer of mine that I had for several months. Just when I was ready to give up and crawl into a dark hole…I was cleaning the store where I work at when I came across the LDS section…with tear-filled eyes I saw Visions of Glory and then Journey to the Veil. I picked up these books and lovingly opened them up and as I turned the pages, certain parts that I personally needed to read came jumping out at me. I wanted to fall to my knees right there in the store and thank my most precious Heavenly Father for directing me here at this time.
    I want you to know, I have cleaned this section countless times before…while searching, praying, aching inside for answers-for comfort and direction. Never before have I seen these books.
    It was my time…The Lord God knew this. I was ready! I can testify to the truth of them and to the truth to the messages our Heavenly Father sends us ever so lovingly if we would but listen and pay close attention.

    God bless and thank you for publishing these magnificent and most loving and tender words of the Lord’s Gospel.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Lorie,

      Your beautiful story has really touched my heart tonight! I just praise the Lord for His tender mercies, and that He would give you additional light and truth when the time was right. Thank you for sharing your spirit and sweet testimony!


  2. Laura Hauley says:

    What a great idea and wonderful questions! I look forward to reading others’ responses.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Vicki says:

    I don’t know how many unbloggers have purchased ALL of John’s books, but I have really enjoyed rereading his blogs or pieces from his books, even though I have three of his books.

    Liked by 1 person

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