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The Universal Coming of Christ

The prophetic word teaches that before the Universal Coming, there will be a great, latter-day temple built in Old Jerusalem. This temple will be become built in the Zion format, meaning that those who build it will be of equal spiritual … Continue reading

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The Second Coming at Jerusalem

We previously discussed the Times of the Gentiles, Who are the Gentiles, The times of the Gentiles  Fulfilled, Times of Gentiles and Jerusalem,  Opening the Seven Seals, the grand council at Adam-Ondi-Ahman, and the Establishment of Zion and the 144,000. Understanding … Continue reading

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Latter-day Prophets on the Second Coming

This is a video by Davidkat99. It is well worth watching and sharing.  

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The Second Coming

There are four distinct appearances of Christ associated with the Second Coming, not just one. The greatest, as far as we are concerned, will be when He comes to the New Jerusalem. I have written extensively on the gathering that … Continue reading

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