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Children’s Book Illustrator?

Does anyone in the Un-Blogosphere personally know of a good children’s book illustrator? I accidentally wrote a real cute children’s story, and would like to find an illustrator to joint venture with me in getting it published. Brother John

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I am sitting here at my word processor, enjoying the Spirit of the Lord, and without a single idea of what to Un-blog. My darling wife is playing Candlelight Carol on the baby grand, and there is a spirit of … Continue reading

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Feedback Please

OK, tell me the truth. Did the following Un-blog creep anyone out? Tell the truth. I have several more instructive experiences with the opposition. If anyone couldn’t sleep, or had to go get an exorcism (I’m kidding!) let me know, and … Continue reading

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Christmas Through The Veil

As the holiday season is approaching and the weather is turning chill, I have been thinking once again about the wonder of this time of year. A few years ago I was thinking about the birth in Bethlehem, and the fact … Continue reading

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