About John Pontius

John M. PontiusUnBlogMySoul was created by John Pontius, beloved son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, and well-known LDS author and speaker.

He was born on May 12, 1952 in Moscow, Idaho to wonderful parents, Robert V. and Ann Pontius. He passed on peacefully in his home on December 10, 2012, after a lifetime of service to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ever since he was a little boy, all John ever desired was to serve the Lord in whatever capacity he was called. He served an LDS mission to South Africa and returned home to BYU where he married Kathy Ferguson. They had four beautiful children: Matt, Ben, Bonnie and Lisa. They later divorced. John loved living in Alaska for nearly 35 years. He married Terri Jeanne Muhlestein and sealed four more beautiful children into his eternal family: Alicia, Jason, Stephen and Jessica. He loves his precious family with a pure and abiding love. They are each his treasure.

John had the sweet and humbling gift of writing with the pen of angels. The Lord gave him an ability uniquely his to express the gospel of Jesus Christ in a simple yet magnificently beautiful way. Throughout his life, he has touched many thousands of lives through his published books, firesides and this blog.  John’s passions also included music, playing piano and organ masterfully since a young boy, oil painting, woodworking, conducting choral and orchestra (his favorite being the Mat-Su Alaska Community Messiah, which he did for many years), Christmas, and anything that captivated his mechanical and technical genius.

John’s books and lectures were his creations. They have been, and remain, reflections of a man who was always in good standing in the church, continuously held a temple recommend as well as significant callings in the Church, completely defended and celebrated the doctrines of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and policies of the Church, and always sustained Church leaders. To insinuate anything contrary is a gross mischaracterization (a lie) about a good man who has passed on.

Make no mistake: Paramount within John’s soul (and continuing on this Unblog) is a desire to teach, preach, expound and exhort all to come unto Christ — period.

John did that unceasingly throughout his mortal life…

he is doing so today…

and will continue doing so throughout a never-ending eternity.

41 Responses to About John Pontius

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for your book, “Vision’s of Glory”. Having the gift of ministering of spirits, I’ve been trying to find someone who can relate to me, and being quite young in age, it was seemingly impossible. But when reading this book, there was time after time I could relate. I was having a hard time making sense of everything I saw and why no one else could see it, so naturally I had questions, but for the longest time no one had answers. I felt isolated, but now I know someone that understands me and the way you described your visions and your experiences was something I had a hard time explaining to my parents or to anyone. This book helped explain concepts that were difficult to understand. You probably get this a lot but Thank you. I wish I could do more than, just say thank you, so instead I’ll try to find the meaning of my mission in life.


  2. Brenda Shaw says:

    Are any of John‘s books on audio? I love to read his books but it seems like it’s best for my husband if he can listen to them. May I personally express my love for you and your husband and our deep appreciation for the growth we’ve received because of you and he sincerely, Brenda Shaw


  3. Maggie L Morley says:

    I actually had meant to mention in that last send of mine, that my neuropsychologist told me that believes he knew who Spencer was.


  4. Maggie L Morley says:

    I have went on CEDAR FORT this afternoon trying to order the John Pontius book, “The Triumph Of Zion…..the page pops up saying OOPS page can’t be found, could someone tell me how to order this BOOK, I am in process of re-reading Visions Of Glory for the 6th time, and have wanted to order the above book since reading Vision’s Of Glory the first time. Thank you so much. Maggie

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      • Maggie L Morley says:

        Thank you so VERY MUCH, I just ordered the book…I more than likely will stay up way to late the day the books comes!!! I know you have heard this before from many others, that being……Another witness that JOHN was the one to write Spencer’s story/experience was the fast that he passed so shortly after the book was written. I too have had many things shown to me since becoming an LDS Church member….as a little girl of 7 in a tiny lumber camp in Eastern Oregon…..Heavenly Father came to me one Sunday upon walking out of our tiny CAMP temporary church building…..I was following a few yards behind my maternal grandmother (who had raised me from age 1. I was barefooted like all of us kids were in those days during the summer/fall, and asked GOD by we didn’t have a LIVING prophet, and the 12 Apostles like they had when Jesus was alive……..Then I told him in my little girl attitude, it was not fair……Then I met a self proclaimed Jack Mormon from Brigham City, Utah when I was 32 years old…..He introduced me to, “The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints….the rest is history, life of challenges and trials, fall down and get up and dust off the seat of my britches, and still going at age 74. I am just going to be sealed to my first husband and father of my children within the next 30 days. My youth is doing his baptism and on this 29th of September, we would have been married 58 years this September 25th.
        Thank you for your help in getting this book ordered, I have told so many people about, “Visions Of Glory”, and immediately took it to show my LDS Neuropsychologist in Southern Utah, he agreed to read it and told me that it all rang true, and right in line with what many of his patients who had near death experiences related to him…..He is also an author of online books.

        I related very closely to much of the information in Visions of Glory, of future events personally that will come concerning me and my family, dreams/visions of personal nature and or the visitors that came from the other side of the Veil. It has been amazing as each time I read this book again, I find new information that I had not seen the last times I read, so now on my 6th re-reading some new information/understanding is opened once again.

        Bless you in your life, whoever you are…….that sent me this information. I am older and not into all this new tech stuff….lol.

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  5. jnnvns says:

    I like looking up authors after reading a book. Sad to find one who has died. I was handed Visions of Glory about 5 years ago because it was given to my family when my teenage brother died. I kind of hated it when people would give me books like that. As of 5 years later I decided to read it. I kind or wish I had read it sooner.

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  6. Celia Nunez says:

    Im grateful of his work, I didnt know he passed away, 5 years ago, my love to his family and for him.

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  7. tina says:

    i felt something as i read visions of glory a few times over, that i pray for, for a while now and a dream that accompanies me as The Durban Temple building proceeding beautifully along

    he served in South Africa. its a link somehow?

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  8. Andrew says:

    I just wanted to add my words and gratitude for everything that John has done in his life and I miss him like a brother, even though I’ve never met him. His and Julie Rowe books opened a new understanding in me, made me confess all my sins, step on the path of righteousness and complete obedience. All I want now, is to serve the Lord in any capacity He’ll have me.

    I am eternally grateful to Heavenly Father for finding me worthy to receive this new perspective on His grace and eternal love for all His children. I am grateful for considering me worthy and ready to receive this new source of knowledge and the light of Christ and to have strength to change my life and prepare myself for a better service. God bless you and all your children, Terri, for supporting John through his life of service.

    With utmost respect,

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  10. Kristen Mathers says:

    My husband and I absolutely loved Visions of Glory. It has litterally changed our lives. We now have a stronger desire to read our scriptures, pray more often and be as obedient as we possibly can. Thank you for sharing Spencer’s visions with the world. This book has caused me to seek for further knowledge through the words of our prophets and scripture. My soul feels alive!

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  11. Maryse says:

    Last year I discovered John Pontius’s book “Following the Light of Christ Into His Presence” and was so impressed, so uplifted that I was just in awe and cried as I was so grateful. For a few years now, I have been looking for higher spiritual knowledge and happened to just “fall” on really great books like this. But now I know it wasn’t an accident. I was praying to be able to receive this kind of information, and I received it when I was ready to understand it. I have just finished reading “Visions of Glory” which is even more incredible and “glorious” in its revelations.
    I am now waiting to read a third one (Journey To the Veil) I just bought.
    Everything I have read had a great and deep impact on me and made me want to get nearer my Savior. The more my fear decreases the more my faith grows !
    I am French and lives near Bordeaux, and sure, a lot of the sisters in my ward would like to have these books in French ! Now, I realized my love for foreign languages made it possible to reach this kind of high spiritual knowledge I couldn’t have had otherwise ! I am so grateful for these “special men” like John Pontius : they were sent here on earth to help us to understand better God’s will. THANKS A LOT for sharing.

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  12. Kristi says:

    I am so grateful for John’s writings. I have only recently discovered them, but they awakened something in me that has given me hope in times of distress and given me greater focus for my life. I hope that Teri and the children have been blessed and comforted in their time of loss. He will be missed.

    PS: Since I am new to John’s writing, I did not realize there use to be more at followingthelight.org until recently. Now it says the site has expired! I hope it can be renewed or that we can still find the resources elsewhere.

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    • Marty says:

      The website Followingthelight.org is still viable as of 11/12/13. At least it was when I just checked. As a suggestion, after you have read John’s books, and you begin to reread the scriptures and listen to conference talks, you will be reading and listening with a whole new perspective. The resources are truly endless.

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  13. David Poulton says:

    Well I too just finished Visions of Glory and immediately came to this site eager to hear more insight from this wonderful spiritual brother and was saddened to find out he had passed through the veil. I’m happy for him but sad for his family and for all of us he left behind. I was so looking forward to asking him questions. My condolences to all his family and though I know John is continuing his great work on the other side I’m sure his family misses him sorely. I didn’t know him but I sure feel a sense of loss. I feel like he was the key in bringing Spencers great story to light. And those visions have stirred a great fire in me to draw closer to the Spirit and to Christ. To be a better man. For that I for one wool be eternally grateful.

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  14. Helen says:

    Thank you so very much Brother Pontius, I learned of John’s passing from a dear friend in Saratoga Springs. I want to thank John’s family and ‘Spencer’ for the wonderful gift of “Visions of Glory”. You have listed my soul and given me vision and the ability to understand for the first time, the Book of Revelations!!!! It has become completely clear and understandable. Isaiah is also so much clearer. You have given us truth, light and knowledge. Teaching us to always follow the Prophet and his apostles, and most of all the Lord Jesus Christ and of His amazing love for all of us.

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  15. Terry G says:

    I just met John through his writing of Visions of Glory. Just finished the book today and went to his blog to learn more about him and see if he was scheduled to speak any time in the near future. My heart literally sank and is filled with shock and sorrow to learn of his passing. I am a little shy to share my reaction as it makes no sense – but it is a soulful feeling that I believe some will understand. Where ever John is serving, I am sure he is doing it well. I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to his family and my awe and appreciation for his writings.

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  16. Camber says:

    I have just “found” Brother Pontius thru reading Visions of Glory. I was so happy to see he had a blog and then cried when I saw he had passed away so recently. He is an encouragement to me to “get to work”!! So thankful for the work that he left and I look forward to reading as much as I can. I recently lost my husband and I sincerely pray that his wife and family will be comforted as I have been.

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  17. Maggie says:

    Incredible…….just this evening I finished reading Visions of Glory…..I decided to go on the blogsite…..within just a few moments I start seeing Spencer talk of a Memoriam of John Pontius…..The book Visons of Glory was meant for me to find at this time in my life, just as I have been led to many other people, circumstances etc. I too have had my own Angel Experiences with my own heart surgery……to the point that I was told they will be with me to the end!!! This book was so special to me and to the challenges I now face…..Thank you John and Spencer……for allowing our HEAVENLY FATHER TO GUIDE you to work together to bring others the vision of what is to come, to encourage us to seek after the knowledge of Heavenly Father daily…..and to remember from whence we came and where we can return. Rest well, until we all meet again.

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  18. Aimee says:

    I was told by my mother about Visions of Glory last Wednesday. I ordered it on my Kindle and read it in 2 days. I cried, got chills, smiled, felt excited, yet scared. Scared that I wouldn’t be prepared spiritually or temporaly, excited that some day soon I may see my Saviors face, be held in the arms of my Heavenly Father again. As you read this book with an open heart and mind it changes your life. Changes the way you look at those around you. Changes the way you feel about every day chores and duties. It’s as though you are seeing everything you do with spiritual eyes. I have 4 boys and I have been so much more excited to share with them the gospel, to remind them how blessed we are to have the gospel in our lives. How important it is for us to live our best and be prepared.
    I am saddened to know Brother John has passed on. I wish I could have met him and even Spenser some day on earth. My condolences go out to the family he left behind. How wonderful it is to know that he is still there, watching, helping in any way he can. I am excited to read his two other books I have heard so much about. I am sure it will bring me even closer to Christ. Thank you for your wonderful work here on earth, you will be missed.

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  19. Cher says:

    Oh, tears now…YES, BROTHER JOHN, HAS HAD AN EVERLASTING AND A PROFOUND INFLUENCE UPON MY SPIRITUAL PROGRESSION… WITH HIS FIRST BOOK; “Following the Light of Christ into His Presence,” that I read many years ago, shortly after it was published, and his “Triumph of Zion” has so inspired me to RECEIVE MY CALLING & ELECTION (a sacred experience that I have now had) and I am now on my way to literally SEEING THE FACE OF MY BELOVED SAVIOR…as Father has revealed me, that it will “BE SOON, MY DAUGHTER”. I have referred his writings to numerous others…HE IS IN THE VERY PRESENCE OF OUR BELOVED SAVIOR NOW…ASSISTING HIM ON THAT SIDE OF THE VEIL…FOR THE SAINTS TO COME UNTO CHRIST AND PREPARE TO BUILD THE SAVIOR’S “ZION KINGDOM.” John will be FOREVER BLESSED FOR HIS AMAZING REVELATIONS AND INSIGHTS…I can’t wait to thank him in person one day, for truly THE IMPACT OF HIS INSIGHTS HAVE BEEN OF ETERNAL SIGNIFICANCE…BLESS YOU BROTHER JOHN…THANK YOU MOST SINCERELY…HEAVEN’S BLESSINGS…CHER : )

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  20. Althea says:

    First my love and condolences to all of John’s loved ones. Thank you for sharing him with those of us that needed his light to teach us on our journey to build the New Jerusalem. He has ever held up the Savior as our standard and King. I could feel John’s love for our Savior and he had a wonderful gift for testifying of the Savior in meaningful ways. When I first read his Unblog my comment was…”He says things that touch my soul…like I would like to say them, but that is not my gift.” So I would like to thank John for touching my life and teaching the things that have been in my heart, but were not being taught by any one in my circle of influence. What he taught rings true to my soul. He is on my list of people that have changed my life and I will be anxious to share my gratitude and appreciation for his hours of selfless love. Again, to his family…thank you and may you be comforted at his passing.
    Althea, Pennsylvania


  21. Michele says:

    My husband and I recently finished the book ‘Visions of Glory’ and are reading ‘The Triumph of Zion’ both of which have given us a new focus for our lives as we had been engaged in trying to change the political course our country is headed in. The results of the last election was a real disappointment or should I say discouragement. We realized that our efforts were noted by God and that the course we must now engage in, since our little hands could not stop the putrid river’s flow is to prepare to build Zion. I am very saddened to hear that John passed away so recently but am forever grateful that he was able to share his insights and research as well as be the instrument to reveal “Spencer’s” visions of the Lord’s upcoming work for us. May the Lord’s blessings and comfort be with your family at this time.
    Michele Alder


    • Ramsam says:

      Michele, you have stolen words right from my own mouth! I feel exactly the same way and have given years to fighting political battles, only to feel now I need to re-focus my efforts. I’d love to hear more from you on how you are making the switch. God bless!


    • George says:

      Michele & Ramsam, I also have been going through the same feelings of disappointment because of recent events. I am now focused on building Zion. John’s book has helped me to see that following Christ and teaching about Christ is really the only solution to the problems in the world. I am going to miss John greatly.


  22. Jodi says:

    Dear Pontius Family, We all feel the loss. Brother John was a very gifted man, who shared his gifts freely with all Gods children that had ears to hear. His tremendous ability to clearly expound the scriptures and Gosple principles and bring such a spirit of truth and understanding to all of us has geatly blessed my life, brought me so much solace in my sad times, and joy and hope in what is to come. WE NEED MORE GREAT MEN LIKE HIM, and it looks like he found a great man to take over the blog. Thank you for sharing your father and husband with all of us. I never got to meet him personally but I will never forget him, his voice, the love he shared and how he taught us to love. He truly exemplified the savior life in all he did. He will be missed by us here on earth, but is heralded on the other side, and no doubt started another blog there, to bless the lives of all who are learning and growing. Thanks you Brother John. You ARE truly a great one! May God Bless your family for many generations becuase of your good works. Sincerely Yours, with much love and gratitude Sister Jodi


  23. Dawn says:

    I have just finished reading Visions of Glory and am saddened to see that John has gone home. This book has re-confirmed visions I have had . As recently as this week I saw in vision my children standing in pre mortal life clothed in armor to fight the coming battles. Two days later I was overcome by the spirit to tell my daughter of this vision and powerfully communicate this vision to her and why she, her sister and two brothers are so important to each other and most importantly their Savior. John was magnificently prepared for his work here and I look forward to seeing him in the other side. I have had an Apostle of Lord tell me I would be leaving this world shortly and can add my testimony that Jesus is the Christ and all things speak of Him. I have communed with the soil and rocks and even they know their creator. Spencer will bless many by this book. I have shared my visions with those who can’t feel the spirit and it breaks my heart to have the sacred dismissed so easily. I have learned to only share when the spirit is present. I know why some are being called home early for this great preparation for the second coming. Never doubt John is anxiously engaged in the things that must be done. He is always near and will direct you when he is called upon to do so. God bless, Dawn Stratton Colorado


  24. carol says:

    A dear friend introduce me to his book Following the Light of Christ into His Presence…then another dear friend introduce me to the Unblogmysoul..I then found other books by Brother Pontius..The Holy Spirit then suggested that I
    keep track of the Unblogmysoul..For the short time that I was able to sense Brother Pontius thru the Spirit of the Unblog and His Books I feel greatly blessed..I thank you his family for sharing him..for he has certainly raised the bar of understanding that I so longed for in the understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ… We have never met..but somewhere in scripture it does say that we will know a person by their works or fruits..I have a feeling of joy and sadness..but even greater then this I long for Zion..Thank You Brother Pontius for feeding the Lords sheep with your time and talents..and Thank you his family for supporting that which supported us in our journey here..Please stay safe with love and care..from my house to yours..a simple sister in the Faith of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..


  25. bcoulam says:

    I don’t remember how I first came across Following the Light in 2003, but it altered my path, gave me a vision of what could be, and literally changed my life. He had a gift of writing truth. On most pages I felt the same stirrings of the Spirit as felt when reading scripture. Was hopeful he’d be miraculously healed so we could continue to be blessed by his teaching gift, but having met and finished recording Spencer’s experiences, his mission here must have been over, able to teach and affect far more on the other side. Good journey my brother. Thank you for helping little ‘ol me. You were a great example of listening to voice of the Savior, in all its forms, and magnifying your talents.


  26. Denver Snuffer says:

    John’s long struggle has now ended. There are so very many who will miss him. He did all he could to bless others while here; which will remain his greatest legacy. All my best to Teri and the children in this time of loss and grief. May the Lord comfort you in your time of mourning.


  27. Kevin says:

    I was introduced to Brother John through a common friend he made in Alaska. I read John’s book Following the Light and it was like air to my lungs. It added further light and knowledge upon a subject I’ve been pondering and studying for 15 years. When I finished the book, I did as John recommended and bought a pocket journal. One of the first impressions that I recorded in that journal was that I needed to thank the author. I searched the internet and was pleased to find John had an email. I emailed him to say thanks. He quickly responded and suggested, if I were ever in the Utah valley area, to stop by to chat. As “luck” would have it, I had a business trip the next week to Utah, so we made an appointment.

    Our meeting was one I won’t ever forget. John treated my wife and me like long acquaintances. He counseled with us, prayed with us, and we left uplifted, inspired, and set on the path to Zion. He made a gift to me of his book Triumph of Zion, and I read it deeply over the next several months. During this time I also discovered the Unblog and went back and read all of the historic posts as well as the current ones. I felt like I had finally found the feast my soul had been longing for for years.

    When I finished Triumph, I happened to have another business trip to Utah, so I emailed John and we setup another time to meet. This was shortly after the Unblog family reunion, and he was not well. As gracious as he and Terri are, they still invited me in and I was able to hold his hand and say goodbye to my friend and mentor. I am still at awe at the spirit I felt in his home that night.

    I’ve since read Spencer’s Journey twice and feel the pull to Zion that is so common among the Unblog family. I’m finding many others here in Houston who are also on the same path….how odd that I searched for 15 years for answers and others who had the same desires, only now to have it all come together…and in such a swell!

    Thank you John for opening so many doors. I have felt to remember over the last day or two your father’s sacred words upon his recent transition through the veil: “It’s all true. It’s all true.”


  28. Mark Ballstaedt says:

    By what appeared chance to me, I came across the unblog a couple of months ago. I since have read Visions of Glory, and I am part way through The Triumph of Zion. I was sad to hear of John’s passing since I feel that what I have read has made such an impact on my life. I now know that it wasn’t chance that I came across John’s unblog, but was truly something my soul was seeking. I know the gospel is true and the savior is real and know John is now basking in that truth. John, thank you for sharing your life with me, and giving me such hope for the future. I used to worry so much about the next life, and making it back to God. Your writings, and Spencer’s experiences have given me a great hope in how I might be able to participate in the events of the last days, and help further the Lord’s work. I’m grateful that you were inspired to share the Unblog, and your writtings.

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  29. Marion D says:

    A friend suggested I read the Unblog for a sweet spiritual uplift. It took me awhile but I finally did and then signed up for the daily messages. The sweet notes from John were so incredible. The experiences he shared touched me so much. I could feel the testimony of the Savior pouring out from his poetic words and heart. His soul touched mine directly as He bore testimony of the Savior and I wept often. His blog meant so much to me. And because of this, despite the fact that we had never met, I loved/love him as a brother.

    I understood that he began this project as a legacy for his children to know and remember him when he began his experiences with cancer but oh his writings made a deep impact on me. For he understood and knew the Savior. I could read it and feel it as I read his words. And he was able to share that testimony through the scriptures that I could know Christ better when he showed each of us readers through his experiences.

    I cannot express how sorry I was for the pain he suffered in his last days and hours. My prayers were raised for him during this battle and now for his family with your loss. I must tell you, I am so grateful for John’s life and shared experiences as he told us that his suffering helped him understand and know Jesus Christ and helped me see that mine have changed me as well. I will never forget what I learned from John Pontius. He is a humble follower, a disciple of Jesus Christ, for which I am so grateful. I look forward to the day when I am able to tell him so personally. In loving remembrance to his family, Marion

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  30. darrell brashear says:

    John has been a great source of strength and guidance in my life. I really loved the fact that he referred to us as “The Unblog Family”, and the amazing thing is we wouldn’t have been brought together in any other way.

    Brother John’s life was an example to me of one who truly possesses the pure love of Christ. Not only were his words powerful, but his very life was a witness that those words of truth were in him… He not only spoke them, he lived them.

    He was and definately remains steadfast in Christ. His words were never unkind toward anybody. He was always a defender of not only the Gospel, but of the Latter-day Church. He was constantly sustaining the living prophet and apostles.

    I love that humble unassuming way of his. He never wanted any credit for himself, but was constantly glorifying his Lord and Master Jesus Christ. I love how he always let the unblog family know of his great love and admiration for his dear wife Terri. He left us no doubts that she is and always will be the love of his life. He was an example to me of the kind of marriage I want in my life.

    It puts a smile on my face when I think of John being reunited with his dad that he loved so much and his little brother Timmy that he mentioned several times on this unblog. I’m certain that was a joyous meeting. He has loved ones on both sides of the veil that love and honor him. I pray the day will come when we can all reunite together never to be separated again.
    Brother D.

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  31. Brother John, thank you for the books Following the Light of Christ into His Presence, The Triumph of Zion, and Visions of Glory, as well as the Unblog. You have had a deep and profound influence in my life, and your writings have changed me for the better. I am saddened at your passing, but only for your family and the rest of us that are still on this side of the veil. For you, I am very happy! I pray that the Lord will comfort and bless your family at this tender time.

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  32. patty says:

    Thank you John for your exemplary life; your thoughts expressed so beautifully; your testimony which gently pleaded for all to follow Him; and your deep humility and reverence for the divine. What rejoicing there must have been on the other side of the veil when you entered in. May we all live as you instructed us. My deepest sympathy to your sweet family.

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  33. Michelle Horton says:

    May the Lord give you peace and solace in your time of grief.

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  34. wendy says:

    John was a remarkable man who made a difference for good in so many lives, including mine. I met him only briefly at the “family reunion” but have followed his blog for some time and have read several of his books. They have had a big impact on me. I feel deeply saddened by his passing, and want all of you, his family, to know that the prayers of a stranger are with you at this time. I think there are many of us who will come closer to the Savior and closer to fulfilling our personal life’s missions because of John. I can’t think of a finer eulogy. He will be deeply missed.

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  35. Leo says:

    God bless you John. You have made such an impact on my life by bringing me closer to my Savior. Thank you so much for heeding the call and sharing so selflessly.

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