Friends of the Unblog

Click HERE for continuing posts from John and Terri’s closest Zion friends.

Well, it’s been about a year now since we stopped regular weekly posts on the UnBlog . . . and the truth is—we miss you!  Many of you have come back to visit the former posts that John faithfully penned before his passing in December 2012, which is wonderful, and we hope you continue; but we also long to continue our gospel discussions and hear from you readers again!  So during the past few months, the Spirit has pointedly prompted me and several of John’s and my closest friends to continue the work that John started.

Starting today we are creating a new blog, “Friends of the UnBlog,” which is linked to this site (see link).  The “Friends” will post twice weekly, and we warmly encourage you to read and participate with us!  The writers we have selected are dear brothers and sisters in Christ, who share the same understanding of gospel truths, and who totally support the latter-day Church as John did in his life, and in the original “UnBlog.”  Our goal is to promote Zion-building in our hearts, our homes, and in communities wherever we are.

We hope you will click into “Friends of the UnBlog” and then feel free to submit any positive comments or questions you are inspired to make.  The writer who posted the article will, at his or her discretion, publish your comment and respond as they deem appropriate, while other readers may also respond back in love and fellowship.  We want to become a truly close-knit family of truth-seekers as we continue to rejoice in Christ together.  Please join us as we expand our “UnBlog Friends Family” to include you . . . and you . . . and you!

– Terri Pontius