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The mission of this blog is to further the cause of Zion through the written and spoken word, to be a reflection of the love of Christ and His glorious plans for our day, and to help us all walk in the Light by providing:

  • A public forum for like-minded people to exchange ideas concerning, and to continually promote the cause of building, Zion in our hearts, homes and humanity.
  • Additional books and essays regarding those doctrines to interested readers.

Please kindly note that all the works on this site are copyrighted, and all rights are reserved.  You may copy, transmit and use any content posted by UnBlogMySoul for private, non-commercial, non-public purposes, or for personal research, church talks or lessons. Otherwise, please ask permission first.

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17 Responses to About UnBlogMySoul

  1. Helen says:

    How do I access unblogmysoul to read and be blessed with the beauty I read when John was still living?


  2. Lori says:

    Just a small, quick thank you to Brother John, who is continuing a great work in the spirit world, and to those who are maintaining this unblog on his behalf. I only recently discovered it, and the books associated with Brother John. I feel so grateful and blessed. I listened today to the Unblog Family Reunion recordings. Wow! So uplifting and filled with the Spirit. I am so grateful to known and understand that the Spirit of the Lord will always direct each person to new paths with new vistas as they “search, ponder and pray.” Thank you all for this beautiful place of learning. Lori


  3. Jennie says:

    I recently read Visions of Glory and I’m trying to find out for myself about the source and so came to this blog. I’ve just been randomly clicking around, reading several posts. They all seems good and nice but I’m troubled by the lack of talk about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. It seems like much of what is discussed here is very spiritual but not rooted in the teaches of the church. For example, while I was just reading about fasting there was virtually no mention of the Savior, Jesus Christ. What is the point of all this if what is being said does not point to Him and to His prophets?


  4. Daniel says:

    Dear Brother, After reading a couple of John’s books this last month, one of my greatest regreats is not meeting him, or at least listening to him speak. Is it possible to love a person I have not ment, I think so!
    My question is this…I have just finished the Triumph of Zion and have become very excited about the possibility of translations occuring pior to the second comming of Christ. However, in Mormon Doctrine, McConkie states under the heading ‘translation’, that other than the 3 Nephites, during the Christain era, and unless there is some special reason which has not so far been revealed, it is not likely that there will be any more translations before the Second Coming. I feel in my being that what John had to say is so true. In all humility, what am I missing here?


  5. Gayle says:

    Thank you for your blog and for those that respond. I have just discovered your website and blog. I spent hours reading various blogs and the responses. It is so wonderful to be among people who are reaching for Zion. It’s like sitting in the Celestial room of the temple in my own house. I am so grateful for the opportunity to feel the Spirit sitting at my computer. I feel like I have “come home.”


    • Welcome Gayle. It’s wonderful to have you join us. Feel free to add your voice to the mix. Take a quick look at the page “Comment Guidlines” for more information on how to contribute.

      Welcome home,



      • Mary says:

        Dear Brother John,
        How grateful I am to have found and read Visions of Glory, Following the Light of Christ into His Presence, and your websites http://www.followingthelight.org and unblogmysoul.wordpress.com. Today I read “Let the Blessings Flow” from April 13, 2012. What a gift it is that the Lord has allowed you to share such powerful experiences. It is also very thought-provoking to realize this permission has been given apparently in the last few months of your mortal life. You mentioned in Let the Blessings Flow the feelings you have had of the crucial need to preserve a record of your personal path towards overcoming this world, and the power and blessings that draw a person onward and upward towards the exalted world. How your words rang true to me! So far I have been forcefully shown to maintain essential silence. But my walk is recorded in detail in more than forty journals which cover many years of learning, stumbling, being taught, and being encircled in the arms of His love. My plan is to turn these journals over to the Historical Department of the Church for preservation and to write for my posterity a “small plates” version wherein I hope to share what is given by the Spirit to share. Some years ago I had a detailed dream and at the end of the dream Marion G. Romney ushered me to the front of a vast hall with huge marble pillars. Everyone was dressed in temple robes. Brother Romney introduced me to the vast assembly and asked me to share with them my earth life experience. This was a temple setting and I think a Millennial setting. The gift the Lord has allowed you to give us is the assurance that we do not walk alone. Although mostly others are not given to share, it is a great blessing to know of the marvelous powers of heaven that are truly among us. May the Lord continue to be with you and your loved ones.


  6. Krystal Boyack says:

    I have been deeply touched by the wisdom and goodness of all the contributors at this site – thank you John and thank you who contribute.


  7. mstcowden says:

    I’m not sure where to post this, there seems to be lots of areas to leave a message.

    I am fasting and praying for a way to ship my classroom supplies and teaching materials to Tonga next week when the ship leaves and I have to pay $6200 for it by tomorrow in order for it to go out in Jan and then take 2 months to arrive and get to my school there to unpack and use in the CES classroom of Saineha High School. So as I get down to the last 24 hours of this deadline, I’m reflecting on the revelations that I got in the Laie temple in Nov and Dec. I love to open the scriptures at random, like I’ve seen Pres Monson do and say that the Lord turned the pages and Pres Monson just read the passage given him. I’ve been doing that for years and have had such specific revelation and answers for me, as if to insert my name in the verses. So I’m looking for the verse today that I found in the temple and it was Alma chapter 28:14 and Alma 29:8-9, both verses are on the same page. I knew when I read them then that I was being called, verse 9, to serve as an “instrument in the hands of God” and I could replace all the “commanded” words with “called”. I was so excited to be invited to teach in the Lord’s schools in Tonga and fulfill verse 8 to teach Tongans in “their own nation and tongue”. But what I remembered this week as I am fasting to get my $18K worth of teaching tools and books to Tonga next week so the supplies go out the same day I fly out, is verse 14. I knew when I read that verse in the Laie temple that Sam, my 16 year old, and I would be there in Tonga for a very destructive hurricane and work hard with the people there, LDS and non, to put their lives back together and share what we have as a community, rather like The Other Side of Heaven, the movie about John Grobergs Mission in the 1950’s and getting the LDS schools started then after a terrible hurricane. So last night I could only smile in peace that Heavenly Father will let those books and supplies be shipped when it’s the right timing. Later may mean it arrives after the destruction and to open the contents of food, clothing and supplies might be the most heaven sent gift for that time.

    Isn’t the Gospel wonderful. If I walk away from shipping any of my life’s possessions and start over and serve the Lord in His way, I’m happy to do so. I will get on the plane with Sam Jan 20 with our pillows as carry on and one suit case each and let the Lord provide after all I’ve done to prepare every needful thing which is packed in a garage to be shipped until I have money to send for it. The church only pays 1/3 of the teachers pay that I get here in Hawaii so it really will be a test of faith and sacrifice to leave everything and just go. I got the confirmation of being hired yesterday and just for fun I asked the travel agent for a current price if I’d have waited to buy the tickets until I was actually hired instead of buying them in faith right after Christmas when the price dropped suddenly by 30%, and it cleaned out my account to buy the one way tickets for Sam and I even at that bargain, and the agent today said all the flights are sold out and there are no seats and any price until Feb. Tongan school teachers start Jan 23 and students Jan 30.

    Brother Pontius, faith and obedience is ALWAYS the right choice and I have years of prophetic experiences since your first book, Following The Light of Christ. Shout it from the roof tops- Just Do It, it works, every time!! Obey the promptings, every day! Seems like I have a song that goes like that? These one way on-sale tickets where purchased in faith and would be about the 27th miracle of this journey this last year in getting me Tonga as a church employee. My dream job is here because of obedience and listening to the Spirit. Listen and Obey, Obey, Obey!


  8. Anne B says:

    We have moved all over the U.S. west and finally feel at home in the house and ward where my husband grew up. Porno is widespread, even in the Church. We pray for those so enmeshed. I want to thank you for the Millennial Quest series. We make a run to our nearest LDS bookstore about twice a year, although we can only a few books heavily discounted. It was there Saturday that I found Spirit of Fire, and read the first story. I have an ereader, but it lacks very much LDS material that I can afford on my tiny retirement. I was thrilled to find some of your books in PDF format, and they are going on the ereader tonight. Thank you!!


  9. Stephanie says:

    I have never contributed to a blog before, and I am so thankful I found this one and I am able to share some thoughts.
    I knew something was missing in the Church years ago, so I simply quit. This was difficult for me since it had been my life for so long. I was tired of being the outsider even though I live in Utah. After many years, struggles, and promptings I felt strong enough to return, and trusted in the Lord to help me do so. I was led to a bishop who helped me put my life in order and I have never been the same.
    About three weeks into my return to Church, I had this experience that for a time completely threw me off guard. Afterward, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why my senses had been heightened and I could hear the Spirit guiding me in my every action. I literally felt like a new and completely different person!
    I felt I could confide in my best friend, who is now my husband, and he knew exactly what I was going through because he had read the book, “Following the Light of Christ.” He explained that I had indeed gone through ‘the rebirth,” and when I read the book, I cried because finally the answers were all there. I am so thankful to you, John, for writing this book-I know you were led by the Spirit to do so, and I look forward to reading your book about Zion.
    This being “born again” is the essence of the true Church, and I like that when I hear the General Authoritys speak in Conference, I don’t miss a thing! No longer do I feel like something is missing and I am truly grateful.


    • Sharon Cox says:

      Stephanie, thank you for your comments. I have a daughter who left the church, and after reading your experience, I imagine that she may have also felt that “something was missing”, because she has been trying to find her own spiritual path ever since. I hope, like you, it will lead her back into the church, because the fragments of truth that she is learning along the way is surely encompassed in the gospel.

      Jimmy, it was surprising for me to learn also, that pornography is not only rampant among the male members of the church but also among the women, though maybe at a smaller percentage. It is frightening to consider the world our children and grandchildren are growing up in. Thank God we have found the way of escape.


  10. Jimmy says:

    I had an interesting talk with my wife the other day. She said something like this to me: ‘Wow, your life has really changed since you read that book (The Triumph of Zion). I can hardly believe that you are the same man you used to me. I haven’t read the book yet, but the more I see you changing the more I want to read the book, I just have to make time for it.’ My went then went saying that the principle I’ve been telling her about (following the light of Christ as if you were hearing the Lord’s voice itself) is ‘really working.’ I suggested to her that she writes to John to tell him that his book is reallyworking in touching and changing at one person here in Japan. Now, all these changes my wife can see are still nothing compared to many other changes that have taken place in my life that I just can’t tell her about her about yet. I’m not writing this to boast of anything, but rather to add another testimony to the principles John wrote about regarding Zion. As I told my wife ‘You know why the book is having such a strong impact/effect on me, right?’ to which she said ‘because of the things John wrote about Zion’ she answered. I then told her ‘that’s just one small part of the reason. The number one reason the book is having such a strong effect/impact on me is because I’ve chosen to BELIEVE that I can have a place in Zion, I’ve chosen to connect Zion and me NOW. The vision of the building up of Zion is no longer a ‘myth’ to me. I’ve decided to make it a reality to me and because of that, I’m doing everything I’ve learned in this book to make sure that I’ll get there.’ What John wrote about our personal ‘unbelief’ in Zion is so true. My life has never seen so many changes in a short period of time since I read The Triumph of Zion 3 months ago. Truly, there is a tremoudous power that can come into one’s life once we decide to choose to believe that we can and will have a part in Zion. Thank you John. You will soon get a mail from my wife telling you about the miracle she’s been witnessing for the last 3 months.


    • unblogmysoul says:

      Dear Jimmy,

      Your words brought tears to my eyes. It is always, always my hope that somehow, somewhere, people’s lives are touched by the words the Lord let’s me write. I think there is another reason you are experience powerful changes, and it has little to do with you or I. The reason is that these principles regarding Zion and how to get there are quite literally from the mind of God. They are true, and they work – every time – for every person. You have literally tapped into a profound “mystery of godliness” and it will continue to change your life for the rest of eternity.

      I think it apropriate to offer you a word of warning too. No period of growth will go unchallenged, and your new soul will not go untested. Just plan on new and challenging opposition. Set your faith in diamond-hard resolve, and when it comes, just carry on. Keep doing everything right. Maintain your gifts, and they will be overcome, and Jimmy in Japan will emerge a powerful and righteous warrior for Christ. It won’t be easy my friend, but it will be so, so worth it.

      God bless,

      Brother John

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