The 2012 UnBlog Family Reunion

The “UnBlog Family Reunion” was held Saturday, September 2, 2012 in Utah Valley University’s Grande Ballroom, Orem, UT.  Below are audio recordings of selected talks.

Left-click each title to play the audio.  Right-click each link, then select “Save Target As” (or whatever is similar) to download to your computer in mp3 format.These audio tracks are copyrighted. All rights are reserved. You may use them for non-commercial purposes.

First Session

Welcome: John Pontius

Speaker: John Pontius

Video Presentation

Introduction to Terri and Speakers:

Speaker: Terri Pontius

Speaker: Michael Shannon

Speaker: Terry Keller

Speaker: Shayne Holmes

Second Session

Kenneth Cope performance (sorry, recording not available due to copyright issues.)

53 Responses to The 2012 UnBlog Family Reunion

  1. Nayelli Wisden says:

    Thank you everyone for all those wonderful talks. I have learn a lot and feel blessed that I found you John Pontius. Although you are in heaven now, you still saving souls!
    I do have just one question, where can I found the second session? I don’t see it anywhere.


  2. DAVID says:

    is there a reunion or similar gathering planned for the future? Or alternatively is there another way to have an association with individuals of like thoughts and feelings


  3. George Stancliffe says:

    Thank you for posting all this. It has been very uplifting.



  4. Aaron B says:

    Wow, thankyou Brother John, Spencer & others for your fantastic insights & the powerful spirit with which you share. I am so glad you made these talks available for those of us who couldn’t attend. I am sad to hear that John’s health is failing so rapidly. I am hoping for a second annual UnBlog reunion, Lord willing. You’re in my prayers John.


  5. Kenneth Card says:

    What is the name of the book that has Spencer’s experiences in it? Where can it be bought at.
    Thank you
    Kenneth Card


  6. Daniel says:

    John, I noticed that in the recording posted above as: Introduction to Terri and Speakers, the file is only 1min and 34sec. Is that the whole file?

    It sounds like it is incomplete as you seem to get cut off at at the end of it where you ask” “How long have you been a member?”


  7. Daniel says:

    Thanks Matt.


  8. Matthew says:

    I examined one of the files and it is a stereo file with the speaker in the left channel and some noise in the right. I deleted the right channel and converted it to a mono file. I uploaded it (temporarily) here: If this is an improvement or beneficial for anyone, I can clean up more of the files. Or if I had access to the original recordings, I could make better quality versions and easily find a free place to host them.


    • Toni says:

      Matthew, that was awesome! If you would fix the others I would be so grateful. And thank you very much for cleaning up this one and sharing it.


    • HI Matthew,

      That was nice of you to do that. If you want to update them and give me a link to where you store them, I will upload them to the UnBlog page. Thanks!

      John Pontius


      • Matthew says:

        I have some project deadlines the next few days, but I can definitely do this later in the week. It’s actually pretty simple and I’m happy to find a small way to contribute to the unblog community.


      • Matthew says:

        I reformatted the five files that were stereo w/ a noisy right channel to a cleaner mono file. Here they are:

        1) I didn’t touch any files that were already mono (Welcome, Pontius, Spencer).
        2) As Daniel notes, the “Introduction to Terri and Speakers” file seems to cut off early. I’ve downloaded it a few times and still get only 1 min. 34 sec.
        3) Based on that truncated “Introduction…” it seems a couple of the speakers were mislabeled on the downloads. Are the Keller and Shannon files switched? I didn’t dare re-label them since I’m not sure.
        4) Any further issues or audio needs, don’t hesitate to ask.


        • Matthew,

          I will contact you on your email with answers to your questions. I have the missing piece from the introduction. Thanks for your help. I just have been too exhausted to work on it.

          Thanks, JMP


  9. Toni says:

    I’ve hit a snag. The only speakers I can hear are John Pontius and Spencer. In the other recordings, all I get is a muffled squeak now and then. (I used Windows Media Player.)

    Well, at least I can hear two of the speakers.

    Thank you for all of the hard work you and others put into all of this.


    • Toni, it may be that your speaker balance is way to the left or right on your computer. The recordings are of only one channel to save space. If you have accidentally turned off the left channel, you may only hear static. Nobody else has mentioned that problem.


  10. Toni says:

    I listened to Spencer last night and am listening to the whole fireside now. That is so kind of you to make this available to those of us for whom it was impossible to attend in person.


  11. Rebecca says:

    I was not there when this reunion, yet I just finished listening to it all. It was magnificiant and felt the spirit so strong in every talk. Thank you everyone that participated. My life has been changed because of it. Rebecca


  12. bcoulam says:

    Brother John, pardon me if I’m steadying the ark. It seems to me these recordings could end up being over 1GB in mp3 format. If you have even 50 or 100 of us downloading that, it might exceed the download quota with your hosting provider agreement. If this is the case, I’d be more than happy to pay for the contents burned to CD and shipped.


  13. Marion D says:

    It has now been a few weeks since this spiritual feast and I am so sorry that I just could not go. I have felt the Spirit from those who shared the sweetness of some of their experiences of that reunion. Might I ask whether the audio fireside of this sacred event will still be posted? I have checked frequently for it but understand if such cannot be shared to such a global audience. Though I am hoping.


  14. Karen Hewlett says:

    Words cannot express our gratitude for this wonderful experience yesterday. We are so grateful for finding you. Our cabin in Montana awaits your arrival…John and Karen Hewlett


  15. Shelley says:

    I just came home from the wonderful reunion 2012. I want to tell you of my experience. My husband and I live in NSL and planned on being early so we started to leave at noon. We soon found out our teenage son had lost the keys to the car. We looked for 20 min. then decided to take our van. As soon as we got in the van began to make funny noises and soon was having a funny burning smell. We pulled over and my husband looked to see what could be wrong, he decided it would be safer to go back home. When we got home we looked for another 30 min. for the car keys. We called the close by car rental places to rent a car but they were all closed for Labor Day holiday, the only way to rent a car was to go to SLC airport. We called some friends and were able to find a ride to the airport. We were finally able to get a rental car. We thought we might be able to just squeak in, but we were again delayed by a very large and nasty thunder storm and lots of traffic. We made it to the meeting 25 min. late. At the very end of the meeting we were offered the opportunity to ask questions of Spencer. My question was chosen. Spencer heard the question then looked down and closed his eyes for a very long silent moment then he looked up and looked straight at me, I was sitting off to the side and nearly at the back. He gave an answer that was very profound. My dad is dying and he does not believe in any type of afterlife or even really in God, and I asked what he thought would be the one most important thing for me to say to him before he dies. His answer brought many emotions to the surface and the spirit confirmed to me that all will be well with my father and that I will have the strength to help my father to pass on to the spirit world. I truly believe that there were dark spirits working very hard to steer us away from getting to this wonderful meeting, and I believe the abundance of spiritual feasting and the special comfort from hearing of Spencer’s experiences were what the dark spirits were trying to prevent me from experiencing. I feel that my cup was filled to over flowing and I am grateful that my husband and I perservered through all of the obstacles to get to this meeting. Thank you, Shelley


  16. J.J. Brown says:

    I’m so sorry. My travel plans changed yesterday, and I won’t make the reunion. I volunteered to help, so I’m doubly sorry.

    JJ Brown


  17. Genevieve Ficquet says:

    Brother John,

    I would like to ask a favor. Could it be possible during one of the prayer of this reunion to pray for all those abroad who feel so frustrated to not be able to assist to such an event, socialize with you, feast at this spiritual banquet and who yearn for New Jerusalem too to receive the same blessing?
    We cannot help thinking of all of you at this reunion today … without us.

    Thank you.

    Brotherly love
    Genevieve (and others)


  18. Robin says:

    Are there is tickets available?


  19. D. Brown says:

    John, my husband is hard of hearing. I hope you will use a microphone and speak very clearly. Otherwise, he’ll be miserable and then, so will I. Thanks.


  20. Carolyn says:

    John, we are registered for the reunion and buffet. As far as I can tell everything is on Saturday, September 1st. Is there any firesides etc. scheduled for Sunday? I am just making hotel reservations and wanted to know how many days to plan for. Thanks! 🙂


  21. Jared says:

    Maybe I missed this info, so forgive me if you’ve already shared; but who exactly is President Mark Wilkinson?


  22. K-Jo says:

    I am signed up along with my husband. The thing that is not posted on the “Unblog Family Reunion” page is the time that it starts…..buffet vs. actual speakers and how long it is scheduled to go. I am sure you will put that up sometime, but just need to put it on the calendar. 🙂 Thanks to everyone who has helped pull things together!


    • Dear K-Jo,

      All of the information you are looking for is on the new website. You can access it from the UnBlog Home page by clicking on the ** UnBlog Family Reunion ** page. I’m trying to send everyone there for answers so that I don’t start duplicating information in multiple places and confuse someone.

      Let me know if you have problems finding it.



  23. Cheryl Dilworth says:

    I have registered and am excited about Sept 1st at UVU Grand Ballroom. What is the time for the reunion?? in the afternoon or evening like 6pm to ???? Thanks for this opportunity


  24. K-Jo says:

    Brother John,
    Unless I missed it, I haven’t seen a time that the reunion will take place. Has that been determined yet? How long will it be from beginning to end. I am very excited to attend!


  25. Clairissa says:

    I’m a new unblog family member, but over the last two years, Alicia has filled my ears and my heart with things learned from you. I am thrilled to find spiritual seekers united through your blog, and can’t wait to attend this event! My gratitude goes to the Lord and all those He has inspired to make this event possible. So excited!!


  26. Jeannette says:

    Please let me know when you get the registration page up and running. Can’t wait to attend this wonderful event, and meet John. Jeannette


  27. Brian Bowler says:

    I am grateful for your faith in Christ, and for the growing feeling in my own heart that ALL IS WELL. I have a growing feeling of the Love of GOD IN my OWN Heart! Its amazing, I feel from the inside out…I still do not know all, or much for that matter. But I know HE loves me, and He love us all.

    See you there.


  28. Brian says:

    So What happens if there is more than 400? I know that the last time (provo, 2 years ago) I went you expect 40-80, there was 500, and that was 2 years ago.
    Praying I can get registered before its closed.
    Brian Bowler


    • Dear Brian,

      I didn’t plan the September 2009 fireside (which you referred to). I was just invited to speak. The Spirit told me a month before that the place she had selected was too small. She was planning on 30-40. I made arrangements to use that little chapel at Heritage School where we could seat 100 or so. When 500 showed up, I was shocked, but there was such a feeling of peace. In a few minutes we were moved to a nearby auditorium and had a wonderful experience. The Lord will always provide when we are doing His work.

      The best sense I can get of this event is that 400 will be enough seating. We are selling 400 reserved seats, but we can add chairs and fit a few more people in if need be. We can have up to 400 attend the buffet, but once we give them a count the week before the event, we can’t change it. So, sign up for the buffet early if you want to participate.

      All is well.


  29. Regina says:

    So excited to attend. I also want an audio recording. Thank you, Regina


  30. Suzanne says:

    I can’t wait to attend this event! Thanx to all who are working so diligently to make it happen!


  31. carol says:

    because of certain restriction that present themselves..i truely hope this will be
    a recorded event for those of us who can only be there in the spirit when this reunion takes place..


    • We are going to audio-record the event. I will post as much as possible on I know it isn’t possible for everyone to come because life happens, but I wish it wasn’t so and we could all meet – but then I’d have to rent Cougar Stadium instead of a ballroom.


    • Jeremy says:

      Yes, please do record the event. Have two or three back ups even. I am sure many wont make it but all of us want to hear. Thank you John and all those who are contributing in such a selfless way. Thank you very much.


  32. Cheryl Dilworth says:

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!!


  33. Jared says:

    I want to help. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I just moved back to Utah and will be attending. I’ll clean toilets whatever just let me know what if anything you need and it’s yours. Can’t wait for September.



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