Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s day, and Terri, Jessica and I all spoke in Sacrament Meeting. Since I spoke with few notes, I can’t easily Un-Blog what I said. I wish I could because the Spirit was sweetly present. I hope to be able to write it down in a few days to share it with my Mother who lives a long ways away, and of course my Friends of the Un-Blog.

In addition to the special dinner (and cleanup), the phone calls, cards, presents, signs on the walls and balloons, I continued with editing FTL. With apologizes for not properly Un-Blogging for several days, I want to share with you the new introduction to FTL. In the meantime, just a couple more days and I will be back on the top of the Un-Blog mountain. I Promise.


Every journey begins with a single step. No matter how distant or near the destination, that first step is not optional. To fail to begin is to fail the entire journey.

With the process of obtaining the greater latter-day blessings and the stature of righteousness, that first step is learning to hear and then to obey the voice of revelation in one’s soul. There is no other first step. There is no other process. There is no other path.

The purpose of this book is to make personal revelation easy to recognize and to implement in your life. There truly is a way. It is not complicated, nor is it intended for prophets and apostles alone. Anyone can learn to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and to walk the path of righteousness to its glorious end.

Now we live in a dispensation of the gospel whose primary objective is to build a society worthy to dwell in the presence of our returning Christ. When we actually understand what we are being asked to do, it is a calling and obligation that may seem beyond our capacity. But, it is not. There is a sweet and empowering pathway directly before us which each of us can identify and walk.

The process is actually very simple. When we allow Christ to become our shepherd by taking the Holy Spirit as our guide, then He begins to change us. This is the empowering aspect of the atonement. He not only causes us to see our potential, he vastly upgrades it. He doesn’t just forgive us of our sins, he armors us against them. He doesn’t just give us a glimpse of the glorious blessings in store; He enables us to obtain them.

Every time we yield our will to Christ’s, something divine happens – we become more and more like him.

When you read the scriptures and survey the lives of the noble and great ones of previous gospel dispensations, you are not reading the lives of the extraordinarily talented. You are reading the lives the extraordinarily obedient. They all started with no greater advantage or genius or strength than most of us.

This book is written with the hope of helping us reach our fullest potential in righteousness. These principles will enable us to walk in constant revelation, and to know the correct choice in every decision that matters to our exaltation.

This book is like the owner’s manual we were sent to earth without. Within it is the grand key to finding the straight and narrow path. It is a mystery revealed, a door opened, a divine gift. Within you will find the key to receiving answers to your prayers, daily guidance, personal revelation, prophetic understating, power in the priesthood, rebirth of the Spirit, calling and election and much more.

Brother John

© May 2011, John M. Pontius, all rights reserved. Non-commercial reproduction permitted.

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I am a lover of truth.
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11 Responses to Mother’s Day

  1. Nancy Wiggins Richards says:

    Dear John,
    This has nothing to do with the immediate article, but thanks from a friend from long ago (I refuse to be old, so not an “old friend”). My husband had told me about some articles he’d been reading, and that he was going to get some fiction books by the same author. He had shared some of his insights into the author’s writing. A few days later a book came in the mail–nothing unusual there!
    But as I walked by the cupboard I was surprised to see a name I recognized.
    We are now into the 4th Angel book. Thanks for helping us think a little deeper.
    Sorry to hear of your health struggles. How does a friend comment on that. Just have faith, and know that you are in God’s hands.


  2. jareth says:

    Brother Pontius i wish to again draw attention to your inspiring Spirit given words. These are so helpful, especially when things seem difficult. I know that it is true that we all in order to begin our spiritual journey must come to the knowledge that the only way we will be successful in our true destiney and misson on this earth is to place our Will, before the Throne of God upon the altar of our hearts and except his Rightous Will in its place. I know that without that realization , our spiritual pathway will never begin, therefore a whole mission awits in failure. The Will is something so hard to deal with as i have found myself facing its ignorant wretched , prideful ideology for my own soul upon several occasions in my life thus far. I had to face it the first time i had to actually learn how to forgive someone in my life, i had to face it when i suffered from an addiction that very very few people could understand. And beyond these hardships i have found the same thing that you have, that something amazing and beautiful happens when we yield our will to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I only wish that i could become more like him more often, and the fact that it seems i cant bothers me.
    There is a matter that iam dealing with lately that is very hard for me, very different, and very soul stretching. I have in my presence a close viscinity of people that i am a part of that discuss the gospel, seek for revelation, and want this greater portion that you often speak about. On many occasions i have heard about your book, The Triumph of Zion. I have heard of the impressive nature in which the spirit has through you outlined the course of Zion itself in the Latter Days, and many other blessings less talked about and less common to mankind in this seemingly faithless age and society that we live in. It impresses me to see that there are people in this world who have that knowledge, and i have no doubts in the knowledge, it is knowledge that i to seek for and want after. It upset me that i could not write a review on this book as i have not yet read it, i have only heard brief pieces of it.
    This is where one of my problems is coming in. Lately i have had an odd feeling every time that i hear of a book like this, or every time that i try to read out of an inspired book like this one i find myself automatically spiked with a sensation of many different feelings all compiled into one. This may sound odd, or it may not im not sure but the first thing that i hear myself say is that I already have the knowledge on how to come unto the Savior and seek him out, why would i turn to the knowledge of anothers pathway or knowledge to get there. The other thoughts that come to me is that I feel that if i get knowledge out of anothers book even if it is from the Spirit, i will be shortcutting around things that i could have gotten from the Lord himself had i only put more effort into seeking him out. I have a fascination with finding symbols out, i have a fascination with being a sherlock holmes in the scriptures as you will, I have told myself that i dont want any help in finding mysteries of Godliness out, that i believe i can find these same things out when the spirit is ready for me to recieve them. Yet when i hear of how great this book is, i want to read it, i want greater knowledge yet i have the constant feeling that i want no help in getting it, other than the pure help of the spirit, scriptures and christ. This bothers me because i know we are commanded to seek knowldege out of the best of books for words of wisdom, by faith and studying. If this is pride Brother Pontius then i want to let go of it and surrender whatever it is that i think i know and be humble and follow this heaven given command.
    I have in the past tried to read from inspired books, I once tried to read from a book that was also inspired and one that my group of friends and family also showed be access towards. Same thing happend to me only it is getting worse now, every time i try to read from anothers book that the spirit has commanded them to write, my mind gets muddled, not that i dont understand what im reading, but my mind immediately starts quickly glancing over the inspired words and starts telling itslef that these are things it has already heard before, it seems i cant control this, then i get upset with myself lose whatever portion of the spirit i did have in my anger and then put the book down and i dont pick it back up again. I dont know if that seems odd or if you have ever talked to anyone with the same similar problem, but i have so many different feelings lately. Circumstances in my life, this feeling, and others have caused me to feel a conglomoration of feelings, and all of them together feel like a red hot ball of chaos. I said in one of my other comments that anger is my worst problem in this life, and it continues to be so i have been irratable lately, i have felt cut off from other people, i have felt that all of my relationships with the people that i care about are dying, and my soul has the wet hot blanket feeling of being smothered by feelings of indifference, loneliness, and annoyance. I have been in contact with the spirit , just closely the other day, an amazing thing happened to me but yet as close as the savior seems, the light vanishes and today i feel like i havent felt the light in years. The mixture of these chaotic feelings seem to make things hopeless or almost twilight zone dreamish, it is hard for me to expalin. I know from previous priesthood blessings that i stand close to a lot in my life, iam getting ready and trying to spiritualy prepare to go to the temple for the first time to recieve of my endownments, this according to my priesthood blessings is getting closer and closer. I was told in one of my blessings that when i went to the temple, knowledge would pour itslef from out of heaven upon my mind and heart and that i would quickly grasp and understand the things contained there.
    Iam just having a hard time with this seeking out of the best books command, and it is so simple, that is where iam the most annoyed at myself, and the fact that i have been irritable with others lately, judgemental, and harsh with those in which i share close relationships. I just wanted to see if you had ever felt anything like this before in your spiritual journey at the beginning of it, or if you knew of anyone that has had a problem with that command. Iam sorry to go on so long, im seeking so much to come out from under this spell that satan seems to have me under, and the odd part is that i know that the Savior is right around the door ready to deliver yet, i keep holding onto this. Anyways thank you again Brother Pontius for the inspiring words and for being yourself, the blog and the words are always helpful as usual. Brother Jareth


    • Jared Eastley says:

      Brother Jareth,

      I would like to make so bold as to make a few observations and suggestions.

      First, “For everything there is a season.” I have several very wonderful books that I have not read yet because the right time just has not arrived yet. If it’s not time, don’t fight it, turn in the direction that brings peace and harmony of soul between you and your God.

      Secondly, Pontius’s books (in my opinion) are really more designed for those who have been endowed for a number of years and who have already done a lot of homework in the scriptures on their own.

      Thirdly, if you are experiencing that kind of disquiet within your soul then you might take a very close look at what you are taking in media-wise. About 95% of the media that north American LDS people indulge in is quite harmful, even much of what seems very innocent. Much of it functions as a carrier wave for satanic influence.

      My ultimate suggestion for anyone who feels they are floundering is: “Immerse yourself in the Book of Mormon, in Prayer, and in Service; and give your whole heart to the love of Jesus Christ.”

      Brother Jared


      • John Pontius says:

        Brother Jared, I thought your advise was inspired and wise. I forwarded them on to Brother Jareth via email.

        Brother John


      • jareth says:

        Brother Eastley

        I just wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your time to comment to me, i enjoyed the part about taking the full love of Christ into my heart, that stands out as symbolic and of great import to me. And i couldnt agree with you more about the media, it is something that i have come to abhor over the last year an a half especially, and so many fall captive to it with no idea of what its actual purpose is. I feel the media is a form of mind and heart control, it seems to make a robot out of human beings and is scary for sure. Satan iam sure is pleased with his success in securing so much of it so slyly to many in the world and in the church, But my comfort is in the fact that As long as there are those who are Christ-Inspired and focused, then there are those who are willing to fight in the battle to secure the end of that dead stream that lies to our society to much. Again Thank you Brother Eastly for your time and feelings in the matter of my adress.
        Brother Jareth


  3. DEBRA NORTON says:

    BRO. JOHN,


  4. Jared Eastley says:

    I would like to briefly share with you what to me was a major revelation and a giant step forward in my spiritual understanding.

    For years now I have spent untold amounts of time studying the scriptures and the “best books” seeking to enhance my knowledge of the gospel and faith in Jesus Christ. I have studied the gospel chronologically, topically, and biographically. As I have done this the Lord has provided me with rich experiences ranging from the most joyous to the most painful. I have also prayed for years now that I could have faith like unto Nephi, or Enoch, or the Brother of Jared, etc… I have also tirelessly prayed for charity, virtue, patience, and all of the other superlative attributes of godliness. However, as I have done this I have found that it hasn’t really seemed to make much difference. All of these goals and righteous desires, despite all my research and prayerful meditation, still seemed all too nebulous and out of reach. It seemed like on a spiritual scale of 1 to 10, I could never get past a 2 or a 3. Not that I wasn’t having some marvelous spiritual experiences; I was; but nothing seemed to endow me with that perfect brightness of hope wherein I knew I was on a path which surely was leading into His presence, sooner rather than later. That is, until it was suddenly revealed just over a week ago what precisely I was missing.

    I was reading a forwarded email about the last days and tent cities. It was well researched and carried with it the confirming witness of the Spirit that its message was essentially true. At one point it pointed out the necessity of keeping ALL of the commandments of God. It then listed several, maybe six or seven. I said to myself, “Hey, I am doing or have done all of those.” Then I asked myself, “What are ALL of the commandments anyway?’ I accessed my scripture software and did a search on all scriptures with the word “commandment” in them. There were 867. I read all of them. It seemed that the majority were simply instances of God or His prophets commanding us to keep ALL of the commandments. Most of the others actually listed the commandments. I did a cut-and-paste into an MS document all of the actual commandments and into another document everything about keeping the commandments which seemed useful. When I was finished, the document with the actual commandments was only about 3-4 pages long. Most had to do with loving God, loving our fellow man, serving others, and several don’ts. I was elated when I found that the commandment to keep ALL of God’s commandments was actually quite finite, simple, and doable. Of course, I knew from FTL that mechanical obedience to all of the commandments is impossible; but at least in this way I was able to wrap my mind around it.

    My plan was to compile in one document ALL of the major commandments and then review it periodically (daily or weekly) to see how closely I was keeping all of God’s commandments. Then I prayed about it. As I did a peculiar thing happened. You’ll recall how I have been praying for years now for all the superlative attributes of godliness. However, it seemed like God’s only response was tepid at best. But then when I suddenly started asking Him to help me keep ALL of His commandments, suddenly He sprang to attention, jumped up out of His chair and said, “Really? Really-really-really?” Then it was as if He quickly crossed the room, put His arm around my shoulders and said, “Well if that is what you want, to keep ALL of my commandments, then I will do my best to give you what you need so that you will be able to.” And He has been with me ever since.

    You see, I had been praying for the results; I had been praying for the effects of great faith, without the prerequisite commitment to keeping All of the commandments which is required before receiving such blessings. I had lacked commitment, true conversion, and ultimate consecration of self to the Lord.

    In my patriarchal blessing it says I will review my life from day to day to see how closely I have followed the path of truth and righteousness. Now I understand that this path is composed of ALL the commandments of God as provided in scripture and illuminated by revelation.

    I also recall that in D&C 46 it says that the gifts of the Spirit are given “for the benefit of those who love me and keep all my commandments, and him that seeketh so to do…” Bingo! I don’t have to be perfect all at once in order to receive an outpouring of the gifts of the Spirit, I simply must be doing my best to keep ALL of the commandments through faith in Jesus Christ, which is that which is not seen but is true—that inner light of revelation from Jesus Christ.

    It’s like a mathematical formula:

    Seek to Keep All of God’s Commandments + Be Led By Revelation = Being Perfected in Christ

    For years I have been praying for good blessings; but now I am praying for the right blessings—firstly, that I will be able to keep All of God’s commandments as I diligently review them, and secondly, to seek to be led by revelation from Christ in how to keep them. Now that I am asking for the right blessings and trying to keep All of God’s commandments with all of my heart—loving Him and His commandments, and loving my fellow man—suddenly I am indeed being filled with that perfect brightness of hope that I am on a course which will lead, hopefully soon, into the literal presence of the Father. What peace and joy fills my soul in having my find filled with this understanding and by placing my feet upon the straight-and-narrow path which I know will bring me back into the literal presence of my Lord and Savior.

    I want to be clear that I have no time-line or specific expectations. I have no idea of receiving any specific spiritual outpouring at any time in the future. If it takes forty years, fine. I am perfectly willing and content to patiently wait upon the Lord to bless me with all of the extras according to His will, grace, and tender mercies. My only agenda is complete obedience to the Lord with an eye single to His glory; let the Lord bless me as He may.

    Ironically, this last 9 days I have been subjected to incredible stress, turmoil, and even fear in my work environment. At times I have felt almost overwhelming anxiety and depression; however, when I have remembered my covenants and faith in Jesus Christ, especially my commitment to keep All of God’s commandments; suddenly I have found all of the heart-ache and anxiety to melt away like frost under the morning sun, and I am left with feelings of peace and rejoicing in the knowledge that Jesus Christ is my Father and He will care for me and my family as long as I am faithful to Him.

    Thanks for letting me share this with you.

    Brother Jared


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