Orientation for New Readers

There have been a lot of new readers join us, and I feel like I need to post a little orientation statement before continuing further.

I started Un-Blog my soul because the Holy Spirit placed the idea in my mind, and the unusual name, and thereby gave me a wonderful opportunity to unburden the “Most Sacred” file folder in my heart of what the Lord has blessed me with in my lifetime. I’m sure most of you have read by now that I have health concerns that will limit my time here in mortality. 18 months ago I was given 6 months to live. I take that as a sign that the Lord isn’t done with me yet. I did not want to leave mortality with these, to me, most beautiful things in my heart. I wanted to Un-Blog them from my heart onto e-paper and shout them from the rooftop.

There is a simple process to bring someone to these great blessings. It is that process that I have been Un-Blogging now for nine months. In order for a new reader to understand why we are speaking of principles that are true but not often mentioned in the Church, you would need to go back and read most of the earlier postings. It wouldn’t be economical to start from the beginning again at this point. So, forgive me if I jump right back into the discussion.

Coming up, “Entering the Holy Order”

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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