Not only is it True – Reprise

Thank you all for your comments. I value them all. Discussing possible flaws within the Church is a difficult subject at the very least. Some of you see the troubled side most clearly, others the brighter side. I choose to rejoice in that which is –not because there aren’t troubles, or defects, or errors – but because, as Clarise noted – it doesn’t matter.

My point in yesterday’s blog is that we have access to every blessing we are willing to pay the price to claim. Nothing new or additional needs to be revealed by the church because the fullness of all blessings is presently available. It is true that it would be comforting and probably profitable to watch the Lord change some things – but it isn’t necessary. It also seems apparent to me, that at least for now, the Church is how it should be, or Christ would change it. We have as much as we are able to bear – and much more than we are able to understand.

The individuals within the latter-day church have the option and the opportunity to lay hold upon all of the blessings of the Gospel without regard to what the church organization or the body of those who “belong” to it, collectively think or do.

“Many are called, but few are chosen” – merely teaches us that it is the few, the minority, those who do not subscribe to the majority opinion and level of performance – who will sidestep the condemnation of these latter-days and become the elect and chosen of God.

This option evaporates for those who separate themselves from the Church, for it is only within the Church – no matter how valiant or flawed it might be – that the ordinances and blessings of the Gospel are to be found.

If we, as individuals, claim the promised blessings we presently have privilege and promise to claim – we will lift the condemnation from our own heads. If many people do so, the universal condemnation “upon the children of Zion – even all” will lose its grip within the Church. If all of us do – we will become Zion, and the universal condemnation will vanish.

As individuals, as faithful and faith-filled members, it is our only option, and our greatest option. No criticism or series of justified complaints will change anything that is or isn’t. It will only drive the Holy Spirit from our lives. But, changing ourselves and claiming these vast blessings for ourselves will enact a total eclipse of righteousness in our own lives, which will enable us to correctly and powerfully bless others in their own journey to Zion.

Brother John

© July 2011, John M. Pontius, all rights reserved. Non-commercial reproduction permitted.

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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