The Weary but Willing

There are only a few people I have known in my life who have been such a blessing to me from the first moment I met them, that I surely would not have become who I am without them. I would like to mention just a few other than family and children.

My wife didn’t change the direction of my life, she empowered me to walk it. She taught me how to love, and how to live with grace, forgiveness and selflessness. She taught me how to adore my Savior, how to depend upon Him and dine upon His grace. She is the most gracious and giving person ever born. She is the reason eternity excites and entices me, because I want to spend it with her. She taught me the art of inclusion, of embracing when you would rather exclude, and of gathering when you could scatter.

My friend Shayne taught me what friendship really is. It isn’t just hunting or fishing together, or sharing a hobby – it is spending hour after hour in the Spirit, speaking of glorious things, loving the fact that we both love Christ, and that we both would do anything He asked us to do. I am quite sure that our friendship predates this life and will stretch into the eternities.

I have recently made friends with a man of faith who has touched my life deeply. His views and visions and understandings are born of the same fires that have shaped my own soul. I have never met someone like him. His life has been harsh, with almost all of it filled with intense pain and life-threatening events. His spiritual journey has left him with one overpowering emotion – alone. Instead of becoming bitter, or resentful, he has become kind and loving. Instead of looking inward, he looked outward and saw grand visions. Instead of battling for healing of the flesh, he found healing of the soul, and the unspeakable joy – and then was given the almost back-breaking burden of silence.

We came to be friends by chance, or better said, by divine intervention. The power of our new friendship is that we have lived parallel lives, seen similar things, been taught the same truths, glimpsed into the same heavens, and set upon identical paths. Our lives exhibit amazingly similar trials and blessings, which makes us both feel a little less alone, and a whole lot less crazy. We find our conversations to be – what are the right words – delicious, illuminating, liberating and spiritually turbocharged. In a sentence he teaches more than books can contain because some of these things are unlawful to write. And, like many of you have commented in this Un-Blog, we have experienced one of those rare and glorious moments when the weary but willing set down their burdens of silence for a moment, and simply embrace the joy of finding someone on the path who understands.

Brother John

© April 2011, John M. Pontius, all rights reserved. Non-commercial reproduction permitted.

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I am a lover of truth.
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9 Responses to The Weary but Willing

  1. thomas harrison says:

    John, thank you! Your comments were spot on and reflected my sentamnts exactly. to be heard is so far misunderstood by our generation however ;it is the best of gifts to a weary traveler. T. H.


  2. Robyn Thomas says:

    Since I have embarked on my spiritual jouney, I too have felt alone, and now my trials have become more intence. My health problems have not got me down but seeing my daughter suffer day after day to the point that she wants to end her life pulls at my very heart strings. God knows the trial that will test us the most. I don’t care what happens to me but seeing her suffer day after day is killing me. I fast, pray go to the temple and things are getting worse. I’ve fasted and prayed for council and strenth and pease. I have told the Lord that I’m greatfull for this experience because I will learn from it but all hell is raining down on my daughter day after day and not letting up.
    Thank you for letting me vent.


    • Sharon Cox says:

      Robyn, I feel your anguish for your daughter and just want to let you know that there is someone else on this blog experiencing the same trial you are. You are not alone.

      My daughter continues to struggle and it is extremely painful to watch, but nevertheless, I have been blessed with a quiet assurance that in the end, she will be ok, As much as we love our daughters, Heavenly Father loves them even more, and in spite of how things appear, He is vigorously working to bring them home to Him.


  3. TDG says:

    Brother John, Your work has done so much to help me along my path. Sometimes I feel that I would gladly suffer solitude in this life if need be in order to someday partake of the joy and comfort of His presence. Thank you so much for being who you are and for what you have accomplished.


    • John Pontius says:

      Dear TDG,

      Thank you for your words. As you know I’m sure, whether it is solitude or something else, each of us will “suffer” whatever we need in order to purify and exalt us. I learned the hard way to never pray for trials. They come in sufficient strength and frequency without my hastening them. At least for me, purity is not a painless accomplishment, but the view from the mountain peak is breathtaking.



  4. Jared Eastley says:

    I know what you mean by feeling alone. It seems like the more God blesses me, the more I feel alone in my earthly dwelling and the more I yearn for the companionship of ZION individuals who don’t just write me off as crazy.

    I am very blessed to have a wonderful wife (Sarah) who understands and comprehends much of what I feel able to express. Such a blessing! However, I have often wished I had more friends who had a clue what was really within my mind and heart. It is a lonely thing.

    One of the things I struggle with most is knowing what to share with who. It sure makes me feel bad when those closest to me reject some of the things that have been taught me by the Spirit. I know I am too trusting and too confiding. I know I need to say less about what the Lord has revealed to me. But it is so lonely to keep all this inside and not allow others to taste the sweetness of Christ’s most precious truths.

    I am supremely grateful for those few experiences I have had where I have felt the direct love of my Savior Jesus Christ and had it revealed that He is pleased with me, or with the direction my life is taking. It is true, as Truman G. Madsen said, that none of us receive enough love except in and through the Savior. I need to do more to partake of His infinite and eternal love and peace. It seems that more faith in Jesus Christ always is the solution.



    • John Pontius says:


      Most of us understand your feelings of lonliness. But, it is a blessed lonliness filled with hope and excitement. It’s kind of like being the only one at a picnic who rejoices in the sunset. Its beauty is hidden to others. As you have already found, just wait until the Spirit identifies those who are ready to share in your joy, and share with those people the words the Lord gives you. It will always work out.

      I have found that sharing too much too soon just prejudices people against what you have to tell them, may delay their actually discovering it for themselves.

      It may not always be so, but for now, silence can be a heavy burden.

      Brother John


  5. Chris says:

    You have spoken to our souls, both my wife and I. She often feels like she’s crazy; she is my drive. We long for our rebirth, plead it will happen soon, so that power and gifts will strengthen us for the trials that must come. We struggle to recognize the voice of the spirit so we can be obedient in all things. Thank you for what you share. It really helps us on our journey.


    • John Pontius says:

      Dear Chris,

      Thank you for your words of hope. I suggest you go back to Father and ask Him your status before Him. He will tell you if you sincerely ask of course. Your words make me believe both you and your wife are further along the path than you suspect. Sometimes it takes an inspired look back to see how far you have come. That kind of good news can propel you dramatically upward, and place your eyes on new vistas previously unseen.

      Brother John


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